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Workers' Compensation Claims

What is Workers' Compensation? 

Workers’ Compensation is a form of insurance that is paid for in advance by the Prince George's County Public School (PGCPS) System.  It entitles employees to full medical coverage and a portion of their salary for job-related injuries and illnesses.  Employees of the Prince George’s County Public School System are eligible for Disability Leave as set forth in the negotiated agreements between the Board of Education and the various employee organizations (see your applicable union contract).  Notices of claim should be directed to Sedgwick Claims Management.

Basic benefits include: 

  • Coverage of all necessary and reasonable medical costs.
  • Benefits for temporary wage loss - temporary partial disability (TPD) or temporary total disability (TTD) are provided to sustain an employee while recovering from an injury.  Eligibility for temporary disability benefits are determined and must be documented by a physician.  
  • Benefits for temporary wage loss due to disability are based on a portion of the employee's wage rate up to a specified maximum amount.
  • Benefits for permanent disability, permanent partial disability (PPD) or permanent total disability (PTD) are given if the employee does not fully recover from the injury.  
  • Permanent disability is awarded for the potential or actual loss of earning capacity. The amount of benefit payment for permanent disability depends on the severity of the permanent disability.
  • Vocational rehabilitation and training.

If a death occurs, death benefits and burial expense will be paid up to specified amount.
 It is the responsibility of the employee to inform their manager of the injury and call 1-855-364-9861 immediately following the incident and seek medical attention as needed. 

How to Report a Claim 

To report a Workers’ Compensation Claim, you may do so by calling the Injured Employee Hotline via Sedgwick at 1-855-364-9861.  Sedgwick is Prince George’s County Public School’s Third-Party Administrator for Workers' Compensation.



Call the number to report your worker's compensation claim PRIOR to seeking medical attention for all work-related, non-life-threatening injuries

Documents and Forms  

You may also view the documents and forms below:

Administrative Procedures:



CURRENT CLAIMS:   For all questions relating to current claims, you may call Sedgwick’s Customer Service at 1-855-653-7470

TO FILE A NEW CLAIM AFTER OCTOBER 1, 2022: To file a Workers' Compensation Claim, you may contact the Injured Employee Hotline at 1-855-364-9861.  Call this number to report your workers' compensation claim prior to seeking medical attention for all work-related non-life-threatening injuries. 

For questions related to Workers' Compensation, you may send an email to  For all other questions, you may send an email to the Risk Management mailbox at