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Count On Us Math Help Show

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About Count on Us

When: Monday and Wednesday - 5 to 5:30pm on Verizon Channel 38 and Xfinity Channel 96

Audience: Students, Teachers, and Parents

Call or email us: 301-772-0080 |

Streaming sites:,

Social Media: @COU_PGCPS on Twitter and Instagram

Count On Us includes the following segments:

  • Fluency Activities to help with all your math problems!
  • Prizes for math challenges and Question of the Day! 

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Meet the Team

Jared Brenner

Numeracy Coach

Jasmine Davis

2nd Grade Teacher

Myrtle Davis

Mathematics Resource Teacher

Mrs. Harris

5th grade Math Teacher and Mathematics Educational Chair

Theodore Herman

Jereme Joseph

Numeracy Coach

Coach Sun

Mathematics Resource Teacher

Patricia Twitty

Instructional Lead Teacher

Regina Walters

Mathematics Numeracy Coach