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Instrumental Music

2001 Addison Rd S
District Heights, MD 20747
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Lionel Harrell
Paul Hatton
Instructional Specialist

About the Program

Instrumental Music is a curricular program offered in every traditional elementary, K-8, middle and high school in PGCPS. Most students begin in 4th grade and participate through completion of high school by selecting one of over 18 different orchestral or wind musical instruments. The curriculum provides an opportunity for students to further their path to be college and career ready by teaching not only various musical skills, but also important life skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, multi-tasking, creativity, advanced literacy/reading, organization and responsibility. Enrichment programs are provided to students during and outside of the regular school day to increase proficiency via concerts, honor ensembles, performance assessments, jazz and marching band showcases, solo and ensemble festivals, cluster concerts and systemic music day. No previous musical knowledge is required to participate in the beginning classes.

PGCPS Instrumental Music

Highlights of Instrumental Music

  • About 4,500 students complete performance assessments every year in secondary band & orchestra

  • 130 students participate in the High School Honor Band & Orchestra

  • 25 students make-up the High School Jazz Ensemble

  • 250 students highlight their skills at the secondary Jazz Showcase

  • 600 students take to the field in the High School Marching Band Showcase

  • 130 students  participate in the Middle School Honor Band & Orchestra

  • 2,250 students from elementary to high school participate in the multiple-day Solo & Ensemble Festival

  • 1,800 elementary students come together to perform at the PGCPS Music Day at Six Flags America