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Accounting Staff Contacts


Pamela Hay – Assistant Controller
Telephone: 301.952.6343
Major Areas: Specialized Funds; including Fixed Assets, Lease Purchase, Food Service, Self- Insurance, Encumbrances, Capital Projects, Special Projects, School Activity Fund. Major Responsibilities: Annual audit, financial statement preparation, general ledger close schedule, technical assistance & support, Specialized Funds staff supervision (management, meetings, evaluations, reconciliations and journal entry review/approval, research & guidance, leave approval)

Peggy Harrison, CPA – Assistant Controller
Telephone: 301.952.6127
Major Areas: Unrestricted Funds, School Operating Resources, Charter Schools, Payroll Costing, Cash, Inter-fund Accounts, Escheatable Funds. Major Responsibilities: Lead Liaison for CAFR audit, consolidated AFR, financial statements preparation, pooled interest, chart of accounts, reconciliations, General Fund (management, meetings, evaluations, monitoring and analysis, reconciliations, journal entry approval/review, research & guidance, leave approval)

Rita Mack Woods, CGFM – Accounting Analyst III
Telephone: 301.952.6032
Major Areas: Capital projects, Fixed Assets, Lease Purchase Major Responsibilities: Monitoring and Analysis, Reconciliations, journal entry preparation/approval/review, audit schedule preparation/review, financial statement preparation, technical assistance & support, preparation/review of funding agencies reimbursement requests, School Construction/Fixed Asset Staff (management, meetings, provide feedback for evaluations, research & guidance)

Quenetta Lawrence, CPA, MS – Senior Accountant
Telephone: 301.780.6412
Major Area: Payroll taxes, garnishments, fringe benefits, AP & P-card liabilities Major Responsibilities: Analyze and reconcile all payroll liability accounts, reconcile the accounts payable subsidiary ledger to the general ledger control, serve as financial transactions coordinator for Access Online Purchasing Card (P-Card) system, assist in preparation of CAFR, updating procedures manual

Angelina Lackey – School Construction Accountant
Telephone: 301.952.6268
Major Area: School Construction Major Responsibilities: Invoice processing/approval, revenue/ receivables reconciliations, journal entry preparation, audit schedule preparation, research and analysis.

Stephanie Deville-Eugene, MBA – Fixed Assets and Lease Purchase Accountant
Telephone: 301.780-6801
Major Areas: Fixed Assets, Lease Purchase Major Responsibilities: Monthly-close (Fixed Assets), lease purchase payment monthly reimbursement preparation, Fixed Asset Database maintenance and reconciliations, works collaboratively with Property Technicians with monitoring of assets, research and analysis, participates in physical inventory of fixed assets, audit schedule preparation, and provides supervision to the Business Operations Technician.

Lisa Atchison – Encumbrance and Special Revenue Accountant
Telephone: 301.952.6153
Major Area: Encumbrances, Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) Accounting, Before and After School Extended Learning Program (BASELP)
Major Responsibilities: Monthly Reporting Packages, journal entry preparation, account analysis, revenue reconciliation, FNS and BASELP audit schedule preparation, Encumbrance reconciliations.

Tanya Cook, MS – Cash Accountant
Telephone: 301.952.6103
Major Areas: Cash, Payroll, Posting Master, Module Interface, Webpage. Major Responsibilities: Bank and account reconciliations, journal entry preparation, technical assistance & support, general ledger interface imports/corrections, webpage.

Allyson Johnson, MSA, MSIS – Current Assets Accountant
Telephone: 301.952.6798
Major Area: Accounts Receivable, Charter Schools, SOR accounts Major Responsibilities: Reconciliations, preparation of accruals, audit schedule preparation, journal entry preparation, assisting schools with reporting & realignment of expenses.

Abigail Crum – Special Projects Accountant
Telephone: 301.952.6112
Major Area: Self-Insurance fund, Internal Service fund, OPEB fund & other special projects analysis and reviews as required. Major Responsibilities: Reconciliations, account analysis, journal entry preparation, monitoring account activity, audit schedule preparation, report & data inquiry requests, assistance with School Activity Fund financial audit reviews and action plans.

Katrina Greene – Student Activity Fund Administrator
Telephone: 301.952.6110
Major Area: School Activity Fund
Major Responsibilities: Student Activity Fund/ SchoolFunds Online Training, Technical Support and Assistance. Reviewing school audits and Action Plans, Updating SAM Manual.

Dierra Fountain – Cash Receipts Clerk
Telephone: 301.952.6100
Major Areas: Daily cash reports, Records management, Administration
Major Responsibilities: Journal entry for daily cash reports, transportation entries, and administrative duties.

Deborah Smalls, MBA – Business Operation Technician
Major Areas: School Activity Fund, MySchoolBucks, Fixed Assets
Major Responsibilities: Training, Student funds online and MySchoolBucks administration, reviewing and tracking internal audit inventory reports, invoice review, and database maintenance (postings, deletions, etc.).

Marissa Malloy – Accounts Clerk
Telephone: 301.952.6100
Major Areas: Cash receipts, Office Management
Major Responsibilities: Data entry, Records Maintenance and administrative duties.