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Account Payable Hold Names and Definitions

Amount: This hold was established to hold any invoices over $500,000 for additional approval. This is a temporary hold.

Dist Acct Invalid: This hold occurs when the account number related to the invoice is no longer valid. A valid account must be provided. 

Dist Variance: This hold is related to three issues. Issue (1) Unauthorized Purchases by schools and offices, (2) Invoices that may have a valid PO but the vendor has failed to invoice with the valid PO#, (3) Invoices received with a valid PO# but have items on the invoice that were not ordered on the PO.

Final Matching: This hold is related to invoices that have come and the PO related to it was closed.

Insufficient Funds: The school or office that the invoice is related to does not have money in their budget account to cover the transaction.

Missing Documentation:  This is a manual hold that the office uses to temporary hold invoices that need to be located for the check run. 

PO Not Approved:  The PO related to this invoice is not approved in the Purchasing Office. 

Price:  The invoices related to this hold have a price difference greater than the predefined threshold.

Qty Ordered:  The invoices related to this hold have items on the invoice where the vendor shipped more than what was ordered.

Qty Received:  These invoices are pending approval for payment/receipt from the ship-to locations.

Supplier:  The supplier related to this invoice has been end dated.