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End of Year Technology Updates

Student Device Summer Guidance

Please see this presentation for information about use and care of student technology over the summer. 

Digital Tool Support 

Information about PGCPS digital tools and resources is available at this site. 

Keeping Google Files 

For seniors and students leaving PGCPS, if there is content your student is interested in accessing after they leave PGCPS, use Google Takeout before June 13, 2023.   Learn More:  Watch it here:

Acceptable Use of Digital Devices

For information about PGCPS acceptable use guidelines, please see PGCPS Administrative Procedure 0700. 

Digital Textbooks

As an increasing number of textbooks and materials are digital, please see PGCPS Administrative Procedure 6161 that explains the process of textbook acquisition, including an evaluation by members of the PGCPS Department of Special Education to select equitable accessible education materials, as well as certification by staff in the Division of Information Technology for interoperability, security, and privacy.  

Data Privacy

For information on PGCPS procedures related to protecting confidential and personally identifiable information, see PGCPS Administrative Procedure 3150.