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Technology Integration and Support

8437 Landover Road
Landover, MD 20785
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Kimberly Roberson
Director, Technology Integration & Support

Mission & Vision


We ensure a robust, innovative, and secure digital ecosystem for PGCPS students and staff. Cultivating this technologically rich environment enhances efficiency and effectiveness of learning, preparing students to be problem solvers, global citizens, and leaders in the modern world.

Robust Digital Ecosystem

  • We make sure every learner and educator has the tools they need to succeed. Our team supports distribution, maintenance, and training around a diverse range of district-approved software, devices, and infrastructure that supports students and staff in their learning. 
  • We keep technology working all day, every day. We ensure that reliable access and efficient support maximizes the impact of technology tools provided by the district, allowing students and staff to focus less on getting tools to work and more on using tools to learn.
  • We enable each student’s unique brilliance to flourish. Equitable access to a diverse range of technology resources enables opportunity for a seamless and differentiated learning experience that levels the academic playing field for students.

Innovative Digital Ecosystem

  • We strive to transform learning for both students and teachers. We encourage innovation by introducing novel instructional strategies and technologies that help educators engage students, deliver content, and create interactive learning experiences.
  • We empower students and educators by training them in the effective use of technology. This preparation enables students to become more tech-savvy, capable problem-solvers who are better equipped for a digital future.
  • We support educators and students through every step of their technology integration. By offering multiple forms of training, troubleshooting, and support, our team contributes to teachers' ability to integrate technology into their instruction effectively and students’ ability to leverage their devices for learning.

Secure Digital Ecosystem

  • We promote secure access to digital tools and resources. This protection enables students to explore the digital world within reduced levels of concern for their safety.
  • We work to enhance all learners’ level of digital literacy, helping them understand and use digital tools to access information, solve problems, and communicate effectively.