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Google Family Link

Parents: Are you interested in managing the time and tools your students use on their district-issued Chromebooks?

PGCPS is partnering with Google to make school chromebooks easier for families to use at home. Traditionally, your school Chromebook could only be used with your student's school-managed account and usage was limited to school-specific apps and content.

Through this program, you will have the option to add a personal, supervised student Google account to the school Chromebook so that you (parent or guardian) can approve apps and extensions, set time limits for device and app usage, and approve or block websites for your kids. This is an optional feature to help make it easier for parents to balance screen time at home.  If you choose to add a personal profile to your school Chromebook, it will only be available to use after school and on the weekends - not during school hours. 

Get more information about Google Family link through Google’s website.  

If you’re interested in participating, complete the PGCPS Google Family Link form. A staff member will contact you for next steps.