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How to Interpret Grades 9 - 12 Report Cards

grades 9 - 12 report card.jpgLabels

  • School: Name of School
  • LOC ID: School ID Number
  • Principal: Principal’s Name
  • Phone: Phone Number of School
  • Year Ending: Year of last day of school
  • Student ID: Student ID Number
  • Date Run: Date printed
  • Student: Student’s Name
  • Dist ID: Student’s ID
  • Grade Level: Grade Level of Student
  • Birth Date: Student’s date of birth
  • Counselor: Name of Guidance Counselor – Not filled at the time
  • Course and Course #: Example: 4-Biology HSA – 4th Period of the day and the Course Name
  • Course Date: Date student scheduled for course
  • Teacher:  Teacher Name (Last, First, M.I.)
  • Marks: There are three columns for grades: Column P – Progress Report; Q – Quarter Grade; FG – Final Grade
  • Points: Not used
  • Abs and Tdy: Absence and Tardy per class since first day of school
  • Comments: A maximum of three comments (text not number) is displayed for each course.  Comments are separated by a space or period.
  • Course Completed: Completed courses this semester.  Some courses that should be included in the “Course and Course #” section may appear here.  We are working the vendor to correct.
  • School Message: Message from school

Mailing Address Section

Address of student is displayed under the text “To the Parents/Guardian of”. Some progress reports will not have an address due to a problem with some households not being attached to a dwelling. The text “null” may be displayed in this case. Please note that this problem was reported to SMAX users via the software’s message function. Items listed below are typically displayed in the left window under the text “Informational Use Only”.

  • GPA Summary
  • Service Hours
  • HSA Test Scores
  • Fail Warning

Student Grade and Percentage Categories

In an attempt to create a report card that more accurately reflects student performance, the high school report card will now report the numeric grade for each course each quarter. The report card will report the numeric grade and a table on the report card will allow the parent to convert the numeric score to an alpha grade. In the computation of the final grade, SchoolMax will average the quarterly grades.

For example, a student who receives the following quarterly grades: 38, 69, 74, 78 would receive a final grade of 65 (64.75 rounded up to 65). The final grade would be an alpha value (A, B, C, D and E). The computation of honor roll, weighted grading, valedictorian and salutatorian and the printing of the transcript will not be impacted as SchoolMax will continue to use the alpha grade formula.

  • A -- Excellent progress toward meeting course objectives and learning outcomes (90-100%).
  • B -- Above average progress toward meeting course objectives and learning outcomes (80-89%).
  • C -- Average progress toward meeting course objectives and learning outcomes (70-79%).
  • D -- Below Average progress toward meeting course objectives and learning outcomes (60-69%).
  • E -- Failure toward meeting course objectives and learning outcomes (below 60%).
  • I -- Incomplete. (The "I" grade may be used temporarily for secondary students who have been lawfully absent from school and have not had an opportunity to make up missed work in a timely manner. The "I" grade will not be included in the calculations of the student's Grade Point Average.)
  • P - Pass (credit bearing).F -- Fail (not credit bearing).
  • W -- Withdrawn. Student drops a course after twenty (20) school days from the start of the course or ten (10) days in a semester course. "W" does not factor into grade averaging.

What do 'comment codes' mean?