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Board Policy 4113 - Community Involvement in the Principal Selection Process

A major goal of the Prince George’s County Board of Education is to promote greater accountability and parental and community interaction with local schools. The Principal is the corporate head of the local school and the primary link between the community and the school system. For that reason the Board wants to ensure the involvement of the community groups, parents, staff, and high school students (for high school principals) in the Superintendent’s principal selection process, and directs the Superintendent to develop a procedure to implement the policy. This policy does not eliminate the authority provided to the Superintendent according to the provisions of the Education Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland.

Legal Reference: Annotated Code of Maryland, Education Article Section 4-205. Policy Adopted


Policy Amended 5/12/03

Policy Reviewed-No Revisions Required 11/9/04

Policy Amended 9/28/06

Policy Amended 4/29/10

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Updated April 29, 2010