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Contact Information

Tameka Wright, Ed.D
Special Education Instructional Supervisor
Administrative Assistant


The Elementary Special Education Instructional Team provides:

  • models of support and educational services for special education students in elementary schools who are working towards a Maryland High School Diploma receiving specially designed instruction inside and outside general education,
  • training, coaching and evidence based strategies for instructional implementation to special education teachers, and
  • expertise and technical assistance to school personnel and Individualized Education Program (IEP) teams as it relates to students with disabilities.

Students attending elementary school who qualify for special education services receive these services in a variety of settings, based on the needs identified on the IEP. Services may be delivered in one or a combination of the following settings:  

  • General education class settings with supports and services provided by special education resource teachers, related service providers, or other staff members as appropriate. Models of service delivery can include pull-out services, push-in services, or co-teaching. Services consist of specially designed instruction per IEP goal area. Instruction follows the grade level Maryland College-and Career-Ready Standards with accommodations and modifications to the general education curriculum outlined in the IEP. The focus is to support academic, independence or social skills within the grade-level curriculum and provide direct instruction in identified goal areas. Instruction will be provided in general and/or special education resource rooms.  
  • Some schools have specialized programs (e.g., AutismCommunity Referenced Instruction, Regional ProgramsSocial-Emotional Academic Development(SEAD)Deaf and Hard of Hearing) that deliver services in a separate class setting. Separate class settings provide services for students who require small group instruction for a major portion of the school day. Supports and services are provided by special education teachers, related service providers, or other staff members as appropriate. 
  •  In certain instances some students are enrolled in a Comprehensive Special Education Program (CSEP) at centralized program locations.  However, CSEP is currently in a phase out plan in order to include those students in a less restrictive environment at their boundary schools.