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Autism Services

Autism Services  

PGCPS provides specially designed instruction for students with autism spectrum disorder across the K-12 continuum. This instruction is provided in inclusive settings at the Elementary and Secondary level.  

If a student requires additional support not available within the neighborhood school, an autism program may be considered by the school team.  Within PGCPS autism programs, students  are educated inside and outside the general education classroom using evidence-based strategies to build capacities in the core deficits of autism. Through targeted instruction in social skills, self awareness, self regulation, and executive function students can effectively gain needed skills and fully participate in educational opportunities. Evidence based practices include: visual supports, task analysis, modeling, reinforcement, cognitive behavioral instructional strategies, and direct instruction.  Students within our autism program are following Maryland College and Career-Ready Standards. Autism programs are located in comprehensive elementary, middle, and high schools.

Students with autism spectrum disorder and a significant cognitive disability may be educated in our separate classrooms in Community Referenced Instruction and Regional Programs.

PGCPS provides specially designed instruction within the Autism Extensions Program for students with autism spectrum disorder, who also have a significant cognitive disability and intensive behavioral needs. Students within the Autism Extensions Program are provided access to the alternate curriculum framework based on alternate achievement standards.  Autism Extension programs are located in designated comprehensive elementary schools.