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College and Career Readiness

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In today’s economy, a college education is the gateway to better lifelong opportunities. The US Department of Education noted that 86% of America’s high school students expect to attend college, but many lack the support and guidance they need to prepare for enrollment and success in college.

It is Prince George’s County Public School’s goal that all students graduate career and/or college-ready.  It is through College and Career Readiness Counseling that students will become better prepared to make meaningful post-secondary choices.

What services do school counselors provide to assist students become prepared for college and/or careers? 

All counselors are actively engaged in implementing programs that will introduce career awareness, exploration, and preparedness to students from kindergarten through 12th grade.  According to the CollegeBoard’s National Office of School Counselor Advocacy, there are eight main categories that drive the work counselors do to assist students in becoming better equipped in choosing their next course of action upon graduating from high school.  These categories are as follows:

  • College Aspirations
  • Academic Planning for College and Career Readiness
  • Enrichment and Extracurricular Engagement
  • College and Career Exploration and Selection Processes
  • College and Career Assessments
  • College Affordability Planning
  • College and Career Admissions Processes
  • Transition from High School Graduation to College Enrollment

Under each category are specific activities that school counselors oversee in order to ensure students are inspired to seek options towards employment or postsecondary education that are most appropriate for them. These college and career readiness counseling components and connected activities include the following: 

Elementary Schools

Personal Education Plan (Grades 1 and 4)

Secondary Schools

These activities are just examples of how counselors work with students in introducing them to college and careers, helping them explore avenues that may interest them, and planning toward meeting those goals.  For more information, contact your School Counselor or the Office of School Counseling at 301-567-8669.

Also, for more information on colleges and careers, please take a look at the College and Career Readiness & Innovative Programs and College Readiness.