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Eight Study Secrets of Great Students

  1. Set Goals - Goals help to focus on the future. Goals need to be specific. Write down your goals and post them where you can see them.
  2. Plan Your Time - Use a calendar to keep track of all your activities, including when you have homework and large projects due. If you have conflicts, school comes first.
  3. Study Every Day - Take time out to review assignments, even when you have no homework.
  4. Take Notes in Class - Teachers almost always tell you what's likely to be on the test. So if you take notes, you'll know what to study.
  5. Review Your Notes Shortly After Class - A quick review will help move the information from short-term memory into long-term memory.
  6. Make Sure You Have the Tools You Need - Bring your supplies to class with you, including paper, pencil or pen, and your book.
  7. Check the Details - Proofread your work before you turn it in. On a report, include visual aides. Check math assignments for accuracy.
  8. Get Ready the Night Before - Have a place in your house to keep your school stuff. Before you go to bed, check to make sure you have everything ready to walk out the door the next morning. Checking ahead will make you less rushed in the morning.