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Report Your Child's Absence Electronically

Absence Form

When the child returns to school after an absence, you must send a note to the teacher explaining the reason for the child’s absence or complete the electronic form.  Teachers will review missed work when a child returns to school after an excused lawful absence.  Parents are encouraged to contact the teacher to obtain missed assignments.

Students who are absent one or two days must submit a note from the parent/legal guardian to their teacher within two days of their return to school stating the date and reason for the absence and a phone number where the parent can be contacted during the day or complete the electronic form.  Students who are absent three or more days must bring in a note from their physician.  Students who are absent for reasons not stated in under daily attendance or who fail to provide an acceptable note within 48 hours, will have their absence marked as unexcused, and they may not be allowed to make up the work they missed in class.

If a student is going to be absent from school for more than three days for medical reasons, the parent/legal guardian needs to inform the school so that arrangements can be made for make-up work.