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Arrival and Dismissal

Student Arrival:

  1. No student should report to school prior to 7:30 a.m. as there is no supervision for his/her safety prior to that time.
  2. Students should line up in front of the school (one foot on the paw print) and enter through the main entrance doors (PGCPS bus riders) or cafeteria doors (car riders & walkers). It is very important for all students to arrive on time each day.
  3. All students are permitted to enter the building at 7:30 am. If scholars are eating breakfast, he/she will proceed directly to the cafeteria to purchase breakfast (unless he/she has been approved for Free and Reduced Meals). If not participating in breakfast, students are to report directly to the classroom.
  4. Students should be seated and ready for instruction at 7:45 a.m.
  5. Scholars are to enter the building independently (unless parents have a scheduled appointment).
  6. All non-bus riding students arriving at school after 7:45 am must be escorted by a parent to the main door (to give reason for tary via the intercom prior to scholars being buzzed into the building) and scholars are to report directly to the main office to receive a tardy pass.

A Brandywine staff member is stationed at the cafeteria door to receive walkers daily from 7:30 am - 7:45 am (doors will close at 7:45am on the school clock). Scholars are late at 7:45am and must be escorted by a parent to the main door (to give reason for tary via the intercom prior to scholars being buzzed into the building).

Arrival - Bus Riders:

Upon exiting the bus, students will be checked for PPE/face coverings. PPE will be provided to students that do not have their PPE prior to entering the building. Bus riders will enter the building using the main front doors.

  • Students will go to their classroom using the 2nd grade/K hallway.
  • First grade students will enter the main door and make the first right to enter their 1st grade hallway.
  • Upon arrival at their classroom door, students must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer.
  • Dismissal will follow the same traffic flow, with the exception of the exit door. All bus riders will exit the building using the doors closest to the gym.

Arrival - Walkers/Car Riders:

Parents should follow the following procedures when dropping their scholar(s) off in the mornings.

  1. Parents will pull along Brandywine Road all the way up to the marquee (students must exit the car from the door closest to the sidewalk). DO NOT release scholars into the street. Parents remain in the car at all times.
    • No cars should pull past the marquee/small parking lot/trashcans when dropping scholars off.
    • No parking past the school on Brandywine Road to then have scholars walk back to the school. 
    • No parking across the street at the church or businesses to drop scholars off.
    • No cars should pull into the parking lot to drop scholars off.
  2. Students will enter the building through the cafeteria door on Brandywine Road.
  3. Parents should follow the direction of the staff members.
  4. Parents must not exit their vehicle.
  5. Once the student has exited the vehicle, parents are to pull off and the next car will pull up in front of the cafeteria door.
  6. Walkers will enter the building through the cafeteria doors.

Dismissal: Pick-Up Patrol 

Afternoon announcements begin at 1:50pm, before students are dismissed.

  • The students who are dismissed as car riders assemble in the cafeteria. There are staff members on duty to ensure that each student is signed out by their appropriate parent/guardian/provider (using the new electonic check-in and check-out via the Pick-Up Patrol dismissal program). Parents are to remain in the car at all times. 
  • During dismissal, a staff member on outside duty informs the main office/teacher (via electronic sign-in by staff) of what buses have arrived. Once the hallways have cleared, each individual bus is released via the Pick-Up Patrol program (displayed on the board of each classsroom). Each student is permitted to exit the building through the doors closest to the gym.
  • If there is a late bus those students are called to report to either the main lobby to wait in a quiet line or to the cafeteria to wait with 2-3 staff members until their bus arrives.
  • Throughout the day, parents are able to make changes to the scholars dismissal plan via Pick-Up Patrol until 1:00pm. No changes will be accepted after 1:00pm.
  • The goal is for all students to be dismissed from the school by 2:05 pm each and every day.

Early Dismissal:



  • Parents are able to pick up their student(s) throughout the course of the day for appointments.
  • The cut off time for early dismissal students is 1:00 p.m. from the main office.
    • Any early dismisall request made after 1:00pm will result in the scholar being released as a car rider that day (pick-up via the car line/cafeteria). 
  • Each parent/guardian must provide their state issued identification card and be listed on the student(s) emergency card.
  • If the individual picking up the student is not on the emergency card, the scholar will not be released.
  • Each parent/guardian/adult picking up the student(s) is required to sign the student(s) out in the main office and exit through the main entrance of the school building.
  • No verbal authorization to remove a child from the premises will be accepted.

Late Pick-Ups:

Teachers should contact the parent of any student who has not been picked up by 2:05pm. Teachers are responsible for notifying the office if they have a student after dismissal or if they need someone to supervise a student after dismissal.  Teachers are not allowed to keep students after school without prior permission from their parents/guardians and administration.