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Our History

Carmody Hills Elementary School first opened its doors to students in September 1957.  The school serves students living inside the Beltway in the Peppermill Village, Carmody Hills, and Seat Pleasant communities.

The town of Carmody Hills is named after the Carmody family, whose members were instrumental in developing the area. The school site was once a farmhouse and a part of the Carmody family farm. In 1898, Mr. Carmody helped construct what is now known as the historical "Carmody House," located at 6808 Drylog Street. Francis Carmody established the First Bank of Seat Pleasant in 1913, and served as its president from 1913-1917.

Carmody Hills Elementary School has had thousands of students pass through its doors, and has sometimes had to struggle through difficult times. It survived during integration when there was much racial unrest in the community. Then, during the 1980's the Board of Education marked Carmody Hills Elementary School as slated to close. But through protests and meetings, the staff and community unified and were able to keep Carmody Hills Elementary School open.

During the late 1990's, Carmody Hills was listed as one of the schools in the area to be renovated. The two year renovation process began in 2000, and students were temporarily housed at the school system's John Hanson Building in Oxon Hill, Maryland. In April 2002 during the renovation process, the school's roof caught fire. But despite fire and the resulting delayed construction, renovations went forward and were completed in time to reopen the school to its students in September 2002.

At Carmody Hills Elementary we continue to encourage students to persevere and strive to be their best selves to reflect school staff and the community's confidence in their ability to achieve.