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About Us

Our Administration

Dr. Hope C. Terry

Parent Engagement Assistant
Wilfredo Soto

Community School Coordinator
Michelle Washington

Professional School Counselor
Michael Mundy

Professional School Nurse
Justina Ogbu-Mbadiugha

Cynthia Dickerson

Judy Hoyer Family Resource Center
Instructional Specialist
Sandra Jiles

We Believe With Strength Success is Possible! 

The Vision 

It is our vision that Carmody Hills Elementary will be a strong learning institution where students receive exceptional instruction ensuring scholars exceed state and national expectations. By creating an environment of teamwork between school and home, and partnerships with all stakeholders, we will be instructionally and academically strong. It is our vision that each scholar leaves Carmody Hills Elementary with the skills to be life-long learners and productive citizens in society. We are dedicated to providing a climate of high expectation where all students and staff are valued. We will maintain a safe and nurturing environment supporting the growth and success of our students and staff.  Our vision and mission will be clear and focused. 

The Mission 

Creating a learning environment of respect, recognizing the differences we possess as a complement to our learning community. Aim to achieve academic excellence and contribute to our community of scholars. Our philosophy is simple. Our purpose is to serve our students and the community. We believe all children can learn and that it is our responsibility to provide instruction and support to meet the needs of the students we serve. Finally, we believe that all decisions must always be made in the best interest of children.