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School Hours, Arrival, and Dismissal

School Hours

Staff Hours:  7:15 am – 2:45 pm

Student Hours:  7:45 a.m. – 1:55 p.m. (Students should not arrive earlier than 7:30 am.)

Dismissal will begin at 1:45 p.m.


Student school hours are 7:45 a.m. to 1:55 p.m. Staff are not on duty before 7:30 a.m., no student will be permitted to enter the building and should not be left at the school before this time unless participating in a supervised club or activity. Students in Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten will enter the blue classroom doors from the front of the building. Students in grades 1-3 will enter the building through the front doors. Students in grades 4-5 will enter the building through the side doors near the blacktop. After entering the building at 7:30 a.m., students will walk to their classrooms quietly and wait for the direction of their teachers and receive breakfast in the classroom. Parents are not permitted to escort students to the classroom.  

The instructional day ends at 1:55 pm.  Any time a child is being picked up early on a regular basis, he/she is missing vital parts of their lesson.  If there is a need to pick students up early, please inform the office when you arrive and someone will check all necessary documents and  call for the students.  Students will not be called to the office after 1:30 pm.  Due to COVID-19 and CDC guidelines, visitors are not permitted to visit classrooms. All visits to the school must be schedule ahead of time and will be limited to the front of the building. Students are dismissed from the front doors. The dismissal process as as follows: Van riders are dismissed first (these students are dismissed from the cafeteria when there vans arrive),  then bus riders, then grade levels (PK, K, 1 &2), (3&4) and (5). Students going to vans and buses walk quietly from the classrooms in an orderly fashion. All other students walk quietly and orderly with their teachers. We thank you for your cooperation. 

Students who are in extracurricular activities are dismissed with their classrooms and then report to their designated classroom for their activity.

Parents/Guardians/Caregivers cannot wait in the lobby for car riders. Staff members on duty will escort you to a designated area to wait.

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten will be dismissed from their rear classroom doors. Grades 1-3 will dismiss through the front door. Grades 4-5 will dismiss from side doors. Bus and van riders will be dismissed from the multipurpose room.