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Uniform Policy


6th Grade - Gray Polo*

7th Grade - Gold Polo*

8th Grade - Black Polo*

*Long or short sleeved

Sweaters/Cardigans (Boys & Girls)

  • Cardigans/Sweaters/sweat shirt must be of uniform color (uniform collar must be shown)

Not Allowed

  • No coats, jackets, or HOODIES
  • No writing, graphics or logos of any kind

Shoes (Boys & Girls)

  • Enclosed Shoes, Boots, or Tennis
  • No Heels, Sandals, Flip flops, Slides, or Crocs
  • No Spiked or Ornamental Shoes
  • No Bare Feet

Pants/Belts (Boys & Girls)

  • Pants/Slacks - Khaki (Tan) style. Sagging is unacceptable
  • Shorts - Must be knee length or follow fingertip rule
  • Black or Brown Belts should be worn as needed

Skirts (Girls)

  • Khaki (Tan only)
  • Skirts - A-line, Skorts, Knife Pleat or Kick Pleat (Must be knee length or follow fingertip rule)

Accessories (Allowed - Boys & Girls)

  • Clear backpack only
  • Jewelry - Earrings no larger than a quarter, rings, and watches (within reason)
  • Makeup - Lip Gloss only
  • Hair - Only Fabric Headbands or headwraps

Accessories (Not Allowed)

  • No Color Backpacks, Large Purses, or Bags carried during the school day
  • No Necklaces, Chains or Bracelets
  • No Sleep Bonnets, Scarves, Do-rags, Skull caps, Bandanas, Metal or Plastic Headbands, Sunshades

Physical Education Uniform

Students must wear black pants or shorts and gray T-shirts for P.E. classes.

Cell Phone Policy

No cell phones should be visible or used during school hours.


Click here for the DFMS Uniform Policy PDF (English)

Click here for the DFMS Uniform Policy PDF (Espanol)