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Mission & Core Values

DuVal's Mission, Vision, Core Values, Motto and The DuVal Way

Mission Statement

DuVal High School is committed to providing a flexible, safe, and differentiated student-centered education, wherein all learners are ready for college and careers in a global society.

Vision Statement

DuVal will be recognized as the leading Aerospace secondary institution where we inspire students to learn, foster personal development, and prepare each student to contribute and succeed as a productive and responsible global citizen.

Core Values

  • Commit to the educational achievement, growth, and well-being of students.
  • Provide a safe and supportive school environment with students and staff sharing the responsibility.
  • Foster productive citizens through school and community partnerships.
  • Improve teaching, accountability and leadership continually to fully engage students’ learning.

School "Motto"

Excellence Without Excuses

The DuVal Way

  • D - Do your best everyday
  • U - Use appropriate language and volume
  • V - Value differences
  • A -Always obtain permission to leave class
  • L- Listen and follow directives of any staff members