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Brian Taylor

Class of 2024

Assistant Principal
  • Administration
  • Observe and supervise: AEAT, Business, Counseling, Tech Ed, Music, CTE Programs


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Observe and supervise: AEAT, Art, Guidance, Parent Engagement, Social Worker, Athletic Director
  • 2nd In Command in the absence of the Principal
  • Administrative Designee for IEP Meetings
  • Athletic Programs
  • Attend monthly department meetings.
  • Attend PTSO Meetings - May
  • Attend weekly collaboration meetings
  • Bus Duty 
  • Chair Attendance/SIT/SST Teams – 12th-grade students
  • Co-Facilitate SPMT and Literacy Team
  • College Summit Liaison
  • Coordinate 12th-grade Quarterly Assemblies & Programs
  • Coordinate Monthly Fire Drills
  • Develop and monitor 12th Grade Graduation Plan
  • Discipline and support for 12th-grade students
  • Facilities, Keys, and Maintenance
  • Hallway Supervision
  • Late Duty - Late Duty will be assigned by weeks
  • Lockers Assignment Liaison
  • Lunch Duty
  • Monitor Bulletin Board/Showcase maintenance in zone
  • Other duties as assigned
  • Staff Duty Assignments
  • Supervise extracurricular events as assigned