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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the County/School dress code policy?
  • What is the Eleanor Roosevelt High School Textbook Policy?
    • All teachers who issue textbooks to students are required to follow the policy listed below. Teachers are encouraged to share this policy with their students several times during the year and to check for books on a periodic basis.

      Textbooks will be issued to students using the "Book Issue/Return Form." All the appropriate information should be completed on the book form before the teacher collects it from the student.

      The teacher will require an end of course activity that will be averaged into the student's final grade. This activity may be an exam, project, presentation, etc. The text for the course will be collected on the day of the closing activity. If a student does not have his or her book or the money to pay for the book on the day of the closing activity, the teacher will allow the student to complete the assignment but will not grade the activity until the book is returned or debt paid.

      Teachers will submit book slips to their department chairs at the end of each semester. One corner of the book slip form needs to be clipped off for all core subject textbooks.

  • What is the Roosevelt Way?
  • How do I rent or reserve space for a function at Eleanor Roosevelt?
    • Any organization inquiring about building rental or use, please contact Mr. Eric Dent. He is the school's calendar and facility use coordinator. Please do not wait for the month of use since the school's calendar may not contain up-to-date activities and events. Most available dates are selected by the end of September.