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About Us

Our Vision

EEJMS, in collaboration with all stakeholders, will provide a safe and supportive learning environment that fosters the socio-emotional well-being of all students while promoting academic success, creativity, and social responsibility.

Our Mission

EEJMS aims to create a nurturing and respectful environment which provides a rigorous and relevant education that equips all students for high school success and beyond.

Our Student Pledge

Today, I pledge to be my best self.
I proclaim that my thirst for learning is alive and well because I am a great student who gets better each day.
I know that education is my path to freedom. Today, I will walk that path with confidence.
Though I will make mistakes, I will learn from them.
Today, I am determined to go forward with all of my innate gifts and talents.
I am Self-determined, Organized, Adaptable, and Respectful.
Today, I will SOAR and CHANGE THE WORLD!