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Uniform Policy

The school uniform is required to be worn by all students. The school uniform program will accommodate students’ religious expression. 

Mandatory Uniform Policy


All students must wear solid color, long or short-sleeved, polo-style shirts according to grade. (No oxford style shirts)

  • 6th grade - Solid Burgundy
  • 7th grade - Solid Heather Gray
  • 8th grade - Solid Navy Blue

Sweaters and Sweatshirts

Students may wear solid sweaters and sweatshirts in the color pertaining to their grade level exclusively

  • Any overlay (item worn over uniform shirt) must be the same color as the uniform shirt
  • Hoods or Hooded overlays are NOT allowed* Updated 
  • EEJMS club/organization and spirit shirts are acceptable on designated days 

*EEJMS Logo crewneck sweatshirts will be sold by an approved vendor*


(Fitted, Docker, Jogger style, or cotton twill)


Khaki - only


(All skirts must be knee-length or no shorter than fingertips)

ALL grades: (6th, 7th, & 8th grade) - Tan Khaki 

Uniform Shoes

All students must wear shoes that are closed at the toe and heel. (No crocs, no sandals, no flip flops allowed)

Jewelry and Accessories

Jewelry should not pose a safety hazard (i.e. no spiked jewelry, chokers, and oversized chains.)  Authorized jewelry items may not be replicas of weapons or contraband nor contain inappropriate language.  No oversized necklaces, lanyards or earrings larger than the diameter of a quarter.  Headbands should be no wider than two inches in width and be solid colors.

Head Coverings

As stated in the PGCPS Dress Code “Headdress may be worn indoors for religious or health reasons only.” Parents/Guardians must formally make requests, in writing to the Principal. No bonnets. No ski masks. No head scarves.

Book bags: Clear/mesh book bags only are permissible during the school day.

Chromebook case: Chromebooks must be carried in the appropriate cases.

Purses/Pocketbooks: may be carried if they are smaller than an 8 by 11 ½ piece of paper.

School Uniform Non-Compliance:

If a student is out of uniform, the student will be sent to the main office for administrative action. A parent/guardian will be required to bring the appropriate attire to school for the student. Violations to the dress code will result in school disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. 

  • First Violation: Phone call home
  • Second Violation: In-school Suspension (1 day), referral to administrator, contact home with letter
  • Third Violation: In-school Suspension or detention 

Click here for the EEJMS Uniform Policy Document