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We need Parents to Become Partners in Education!

Here are several ways you can become a partner in education:

  • Become a classroom, field trip or after school program volunteer.
  • Join our Parent Focus Group by representing our parents on the SPMT Team.
  • Join our Business Hands Recruit Team by helping our school recruit community partnerships. 

These partnership recruits will help pay for student academic activities, parent continuing education workshops and family events.  The meetings will take place twice a month.  

Make sure you have a voice in the types of activities you would like to see in your child's school.

You can do this by joining our Parent Involvement Policy Team, Become an active PTO member where you can assist with workshops, events and programs.

All Parents that would like to volunteer in the school, classrooms, or on field trips are welcome!  
A Fingerprinting process and CPS Back Ground Check is mandatory

Please call the office and speak with Ms. Adutwum, our Community Schools Coordinator for more details about volunteering. 

The Mighty Wise Owls Uniform Policy is MANDATORY!

Dress Attire is as follows:   No Exceptions, No other colors than stated  - Students must be dressed appropriately before they enter the classroom (please see non-compliance policy below).  We ask that parents/guardians please make sure that uniforms are clean daily.

Young Ladies:

  • Navy Blue Khaki pants, skirt, jumpers, or shorts (knee length) 
  • Light Blue short or long sleeve polo shirts
  • The following cannot be worn: leggings, sweat pants or jeans

Young Men:

  • Navy Blue Khaki pants or shorts 
  • Light Blue short or long sleeve polo shirt  
  • The following cannot be worn: sweat pants or jeans

Non-Compliance with the Uniform Policy

Students who are not in compliance will be brought to the attention of the Guidance Counselor and a call will be made to the parent. The student may also be separated from his/her class.  A more severe form of discipline will be used for students who do not comply after these steps are taken. UNIFORMS ARE MANADATORY!

  • 1st Violation - Parent contacted and informed of the violation.
  • 2nd Violation - Written notification is sent home to inform the parent/guardian of the uniform violation.
  • 3rd Violation - Detention.
  • 4th Violation - Parent/Teacher/Student/Administration Conference.
  • 5th Violation - Student is removed from the class for one (1) full day and completes assignments.

Out of Uniform Days:  Some out of uniform days may be granted.  If this happens, we will send WRITTEN DOCUMENTATION or a school "all call" to parents (please keep office informed of changes to telephone numbers).  
All clothing must be in good taste.


Welcome all parents, teachers and students to the P.T.O's Web Page.

We need active and committed parents to assist in educational success of each child at Forest Heights Elementary.


Become a member of the P.T.O.  Anyone can join. 

Even if you do not have time to participate, your

membership comes with substantial benefits for you 

andyour children. So please join the P.T.O. today.

P.T.O. Application

Submit your:

  • Name
  • Telephone Address
  • Child's Name and grade
  • Teacher's name

Membership Application Fee

Annual Membership $10.00

Commercial Businesses $ 15.00


Below you will find a list of committees in which you may be interested in serving or volunteering on:







Other Areas:

Telephone Tree Coordinators

Tutoring Program

Administrative/Office work

E-mail Coordinator



Website Monitor

Legal Knowledge

Assisting in the Parent Room

Classroom Parent