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Welcome to Hillcrest Heights Elementary

I would personally like to welcome you to Hillcrest Heights Elementary School (HHES). We are excited to begin the work of teaching and learning. I would be remissed if I did not thank you for your continued support of our school. Your commitment to making HHES a great school has been invaluable. Our school has remains focused on the development of a student centered environment. I am pleased to announce that our school has created a community garden. Additionally, we have partnered with the Judy Center to increase our support for our scholars in the Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten. Hillcrest Heights ES will continue our efforts to remain a Green School that focuses on protecting our planet and providing opportunities for our scholars to learn about the importance of reducing our carbon footprint.

Parents truly are our partners in education. Together we will continue to create a learning environment that meets the needs of all scholars. Educators have engaged in professional development and our staff has prepared the building to receive you and your family each day. As we continue to strengthen the home-school connection, HHES needs your help as well. Each of you have skills and talents that can make a difference here. We are looking to re-establish our Parent Teacher Organization and volunteers to engage  scholars in learning while supporting the educators of our school. Any time you have to donate to our school is greatly appreciated and graciously welcomed. Please don’t hesitate to email me directly at for volunteer opportunities, questions and/or ideas. We are developing a Parent Resource Room that we would love for you to visit. This space will provide additional resources for you to utilize at home for learning, computers and a lending library as well.

The school supply lists are posted on our website. The staff of HHES is committed to the academic growth of each scholar that enters our doors. And I am committed to meeting your needs as a partner in education and the growth of your child. I look forward to seeing you all throughout the year as we march towards high academic achievement. Hawks Fly High!!

David A. Brown Sr.