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Programs and Registration at HBOSC


About "Live" and On site Programs

The Howard B Owens Science Center Staff is dedicated to providing engaging learning experiences that align with the Next Generation Science Standards and enrich and support the Prince George's County curriculum. 

Registration for SY 2022-23 is for first quarter programs is now open. Use the registration link below.  If you have any questions, please email or call 301-918-8750.  "Live" programs refer to virtual field experiences in which programs are conducted virtually via Zoom.  On site programs occur at the center.

Most programs will remain virtual for the first quarter of SY2022-23 although we will begin to slowly transition back to on site programs at the center:   Virtual programs are 60-90 minutes in length.   A few on site programs will begin to occur at the center during first quater and transportation will be scheduled by the center for PGCPS students.  All programs are free to PGCPS students, however all transportation costs are the responsibility of the attending school.    

Program Descriptions     Registration for  Programs

Frequently Asked Questions about Virtual Field Trips

All answers have been provided by Dr. Kia McDaniel, Coordinating Supervisor of Specialty Programs. Please email with any questions. 

Q - Is there a notification process for parents for virtual field trips? Can they opt out of the trip? 

A - It’s up for the visiting classroom teacher to decide what students will do if they do not participate. There is no permission slip or parent notification required. However, we highly suggest that you inform parents using your school’s approved method of communication. When informing parents, include the date, time, field trip title/content topic, and names of Owen’s staff members that will be instructing their students.

Q - Is there a notification for administration for virtual field trips?

A - Teacher’s MUST have the permission of their principal before signing up. A confirmation email will go out from Owens confirming a field trip and cc the principal.  That will be the administrator's notice that a trip was booked.

Q - Do these virtual trips need to be approved by the area office?

A - No

Q - Are chaperones needed or allowed?

A - No, chaperones are not allowed. This is for student privacy reasons. All programs have been created with this in mind.

Q - Are parents allowed to join the trip? 

A - Parents cannot join the trip, only teachers and students through their PGCPS account.

Q - Student cameras have the option to be on or off, correct? 

A - Yes              .

Q - Can/should we record lessons during virtual field trips? 

A - No, virtual field trips should not be recorded by the classroom teacher, HBOSC staff or students/parents.