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About Us


The mission of J. Frank Dent Elementary is to provide a rigorous educational program that promotes individual differences, respects all cultures, and inspires a life long passion for learning.  Our role is to prepare our children to graduate college and career ready with the ability to succeed in a diverse and demanding global society.


We envision J. Frank Dent Elementary School to be an exemplary school that fosters a safe, nurturing, and productive work environment that is conducive to delivering data driven rigorous instruction to all students and that stimulates and challenges all individuals to realize their academic, social, and emotional potential.  We will attain this goal through open communication, high expectations, technology integration, active parent involvement with a commitment to P.R.I.D.E for others and ourselves.

Core Values

You can’t hide that tiger P.R.I.D.E!”

  • P – Prepared   “I am prepared to learn with a positive attitude.”
  • R – Respect   “I am respectful of adults, others, property and myself.”
  • I – Integrity   “I am a model of integrity.”
  • D – Determined   “I am determined to be the best each and everyday.”
  • E – Excellence   “I am persistent in attaining excellence.”

School Pledge

I am a proud student at J. Frank Dent and I pledge to show respect for adults, other students, property and self.  I will come to school on time and be prepared to learn with a positive attitude.  I will do my best each and everyday.