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Mr. James E. Duckworth

James E. Duckworth (1929-1974)

James E. Duckworth dedicated 23 years of his professional Life to teaching and educating young children of Prince George’s County. Born in 1929, he graduated from Bruce High School in Westernport, Maryland, in 1947 and attended State Teachers College in Frostburg to pursue his dream of teaching. He joined the staff of Bladensburg Elementary School as a fifth and sixth grade teacher.

Mr. Duckworth was appointed principal of Bowie Elementary School in 1955. In the years to follow, he served as principal of Gaywood, Berwyn, Somerset and Rockledge Elementary Schools and also earned a master’s degree in education from University of Maryland.

He became an Instructional Supervisor for the county school system in 1970. In 1971, Mr. Duckworth was named the first Director of Special Education for the Prince George’s County Public Schools. He served in that position until his death in 1974.

For those that knew and loved him, his dedication represents the commitment which Mr. Duckworth made to himself and to the children of our county: a commitment that meant the best education possible for every child regardless of handicap or ability. For this heritage we thank Mr. Duckworth.