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Administrator's Page

Dear James H. Harrison Family and Community,

My name is Nema Manuel and I serve as Principal of James H. Harrison Elementary School.  As a lifelong educator,  I enjoy working with students and watching them grow into learners,  thinkers and problem solvers.  I love learning and applying new information and skills.   Professional development,  podcasts and books are my favorite learning methods at this time.  As learning evolves, so do my preferred learning methods.  

My philosophy is that all children can learn and achieve.  Our roles as educators are to spark curiosity, build student confidence, facilitate learning and celebrate student successes.    

  • Curiosity is the entry point to learning.   Many students are naturally curious and others need experiences to ignite their curiosity.  
  • Learning is an exercise that requires modeling and practice.  We build student confidence by providing problem solving skills that can be applied to a variety of problems.  Students will become more confident in their own skills and abilities over time. 
  • Educators facilitate learning through lessons and activities. I often remind students that adults do not have all the answers.  
  • Struggles, challenges and problem solving build character and life lessons.  We celebrate overcoming challenges and showing improvement.  Celebrate success!

Goals for James H. Harrison Elementary School

  • Create a learning environment that promotes problem solving and thinking skills
  • Encourage students to learn from mistakes and see them as opportunities
  • Prepare students for jobs that have not been created yet

The partnership between home and school is important.  When we work together,  our children will only succeed.

  • Ensure you receive and read messages on Class Dojo
  • Ensure your contact information is up to date in SchoolMax
  • Share your feedback with me directly.  Send me an email or call.  
  • If you have questions,  ask me directly.  I am here to help.  

Nema Manuel 

Vision Statement

We strive to collaborate with families to inspire students, regardless of culture, abilities, or current situation to become confident learners and to build a strong foundation, allowing them to reach their full potential towards being responsible and productive members of a global society.

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to build a strong foundation so our students will excel and achieve any academic or personal goal set before them. We commit to provide high quality, data driven instruction to our students every day. We prioritize helping all students reach their full academic potential in order to develop the next generation of global leaders. This will be accomplished by all members of our school community (students, parents and educators) working together to create a positive learning environment.