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Uniform Requirements


Khaki Bottoms: Shorts, pants, skirts, jumpers, skorts, and capris (length should meet PGCPS standard dress code requirements…finger tip policy) no cargo pants. Bottoms should fit properly and not sag below the waist (belts for all pants with belt loops), Solid color Leggings or tights are permitted underneath skirts in cold weather


Navy Blue Tops: Polo/collared shirts (long or short sleeves), Peter Pan button up blouse for girls, and Sweaters/sweater vests for cool weather must be completely navy blue with no logos.


Students may wear their choice of rubber sole shoes. However shoe must be black, blue or brown and solid color. The following footwear options are not permitted: light-up, character, Heelys, sandals, animal print, flip flops, open toe, high heels or wedge shoes.


Female students must refrain from wearing headbands that are distracting (unicorn horns, cat ears, etc.)


We ask that shirts and blouses must be tucked into pants and skirts. Belts are required for boys.