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Personal Electronic Device (PED) Policy

Administrative Procedure 5132 states:

  1. Approved Use of PEDs in Schools

    1. Students are permitted to use PEDs while riding to and from school on PGCPS buses, as long as it does not impact the safe operation of the school bus. Students may not use PEDs while getting on or off the school bus.
    2. Students are encouraged to use PEDs for instructional purposes, with school administrator approval.
    3. At times when PED use is not permitted, PEDs must be turned off or on silent mode and stored in a back-pack, book bag, pocket, purse, locker, vehicle, etc.
    4. The school principal or designee may allow additional times for students to use PEDs at school, such as during lunch period, in approved designated areas, or during the following times:
      1. Before or after the school day on school property;
      2. During after school, evening or weekend extracurricular activities while on school property;
      3. While attending school sponsored or school related activities on or off school property; or
      4. In an emergency situation with the permission of the teacher, instructor, counselor, coach, school security, program director, or administrator
  2. Prohibited Use of Cell Phones and PEDs

    1. The use of cell phones and PEDs at any time other than those specified in Section IV.A.
    2. The sharing or electronic posting of images taken or stored on cell phones or PEDs during school hours and/or on school property.
    3. The visible display of cell phones or PEDs during regular school hours.
    4. The possession of cell phones and PEDs that are not completely turned off during regular school hours.

All students will return this form to their homeroom teacher Use of Cell Phones amd Other Portable Devices Disclosure Statement

To read the full version of Administrative Procedure 5132 Click Here

Judith P. Hoyer Montessori School Wide Policy

  • All cell phones and personal electronic devices (PEDs) must be powered off and put away during the school day, except when permission is given by a teacher or administrator to use for instructional purposes. 
  • Students may not listen to music, text, make phone calls, play games, or take photos or videos at school, except under certain circumstances where permission may be granted by administration or designee. 
  • Students may use cell phones/PEDs on the school bus, except when entering and exiting the bus, as long as it does not cause a disruption. Students may not take photos or videos on the bus. 
  • PGCPS employees are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged devices. 
  • When not in use for instructional purposes, all cell phones and PEDs must be powered off and put away. 
  • Devices may be confiscated for inappropriate use. Confiscated items must be picked up by a parent or legal guardian. 
  • Continued violations may result in disciplinary actions. PGCPS employees are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged confiscated items. 
  • Continued violations may result in a student being banned from bringing a cell phone / PED to school for a specified time (up to the remainder of the school year). 
  • Refusal to hand over a device when requested to do so by an administrator, designee or security personnel will result in a suspension from school.