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Pre-Kindergarten Accreditation

Dear Magnolia Families,

PGCPS has been using the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) as an observational instrument to assess classroom quality in our pre-kindergarten classrooms. Effective teacher-student interactions are a primary component of high-quality early educational experiences. Below you will find our fall evaluation “glows” and “grows.” We look forward to sharing our growth after our spring evaluation.


  • Behavior Management- The teachers are consistently proactive and monitor the classroomeffectively to prevent problems from developing. The teachers effectively redirect misbehaviors.
  • Productivity- The classrooms resemble a 'well-oiled machine'; everybody knows what is expected of them and how to go about doing it. The teachers were fully prepared with lessons and activities, and transitions were quick and efficient.
  • Regard for Student Perspectives- The teachers are flexible in their plans and go along with students' ideas, and organize instruction around students' interests.
  • Teacher Sensitivity- The teachers are consistently aware of students who need extra support, assistance, or attention. Students appear comfortable seeking support from, sharing their ideas with, and responding freely to the teachers.
  • Quality Feedback- The teachers often provide additional information to expand on the students' understanding or actions. Their encouragement increases students’ involvement and persistence.


  • Language Modeling- Encourage conversations and teachers should increase opportunities to
    map out their actions and the students' actions through language and description.

Magnolia ES Self-Appraisal

Magnolia Program Improvement Plan (PIP)