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Business Academy

What is the Academy of Business Management and Finance?

  • It provides a focused sequence of Business courses which take place from 9th grade through Senior year. As an Academy student, one will acquire a strong base knowledge of all business classes that are being offered. 
  • Academy students will be academically prepared to pursue a post secondary education that can include a business degree, business classes and or enter the work force with a strong skill set of  business know how

  • Most students seek out a post secondary training as a goal because the higher learning institutions offer the same courses and students are confident that they can succeed at acquiring a college degree

  • We have over 100 student here in the Business Academy and over 200  student in the Business Department

  • We offer Entrepreneur, Career & Research I, and Career & Research II with registration sign up in the Spring
  • Dual Enrollment is encouraged for all students

Why should YOU be a student in the Business Academy?

Business and Finance students are:

  • Focused specifically about the World of Business

  • Students leaders here at NHS

  • Acquire Decision Making Skills 

  • A Team Player

  • Offer smaller community of students with the same common goals

  • Career and College Readiness

  • Confident and secured with one's ability

Northwestern High School Business Department 

Mrs. NKenge Barker, Principal

Ms. Cordelia Polley , Academy Administrator

Mr. Rudolph Outlaw, Work Study Coordinator

Ms. Misty Richards, CCRD Coordinator

Mrs. Beverly Jackson, Department/ Academy Chair 

Mrs. Marie Sims, Lead  Academy Instructor

Ms. Bridget Gillus- Cruise -  PGCPS Academy Chair