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Grade Appeal Information

Guidelines and resources related to grades and appeals in Prince George’s County Public Schools are outlined in the following:

Per the policies identified above, please note that grade changes/appeals are only considered based on the following:

  • Completion of make-up work. A copy of the completed make-up work must be scanned and uploaded to the PS-140
  • Error in grade entry or calculation in the teacher gradebook or schedule of courses
  • Lawful absences as defined in COMAR and Administrative Procedure 5113 Student Attendance, Absence, and Truancy
  • Failure to provide allowable accommodations, supplemental aid or services in accordance with a student’s IEP or 504 plan.

If any of these situations applies, the following steps should be taken:

  • Contact the teacher regarding the error to see if they will initiate a grade change request. If yes, there is nothing else you will need to do. The teacher grade change window is open now.
  • If the teacher disagrees, a parent/guardian or student over the age of 18 may send a Grade Appeal Request by email to the teacher and should copy Mrs. Amber Asamoah ( and Ms. Brown ( on that message. The parent grade appeal window for Quarter 2 is now CLOSED.
  • IMPORTANT:  Be sure to include evidence with the submission of a grade appeal. This may include but is not limited to evidence of excused absence and copies of late work submitted or proof of an error in grading.
  • Parents will be notified of the decision of the School Improvement Team to uphold or decline Quarter 2 grade changes by February 28.


Parent Appeal Deadline


December 7, 2023


February 16, 2024


April 25, 2024