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Uniform Policy

Oxon Hill High School Uniform Policy

OHHS is a uniform school and scholars are expected to follow this policy beginning on the first day of school.

  • Shirts: Solid Black, long or short sleeve with a collar. Tightly fitted, stretch shirts and T-shirts are not permitted.
  • Pants: Plain khaki-colored pants, Shorts, Capri, and Cargo pants are all permissible. All must be worn on or above the hips. Slacks may not have drawstrings, elastic at the hem, cuts or holes.
  • Skirts: Plain khaki skirts and/or skorts. Skirts may not be spandex/shape fitting materials.
  • Shoes: Must be in styles that have a closed toe and a heel. No flip flops, slippers or slides allowed.
  • Student Identification Badge: Must be worn at all times
  • Clear backpacks: No mesh, NO EXCEPTIONS

Teams/organizations and club uniforms and/or specialty grade level shirts with khaki pants may only be worn on specified school approved days. Hats and/or head coverings may not be worn in the building, except for approved religious or health related reasons ONLY. Sweaters must be solid black in color with no hood. Clothing cannot display vulgarity, obscenity, drug paraphernalia and/or memoriam depictions.

Click here for the OHHS Uniform Policy Flyer