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Meal Benefit Application

Parents, please complete the Meal Benefit Application (MBA) by going to the following link if you think your child(ren) might qualify for subsidized lunch/breakfast.

Once the application is completed it is confidential and goes directly to the Food and Nutrition Department of PGCPS. Once your MBA is submitted, you should be contacted within 24 hours as to whether or not your family qualifies for free and or reduced lunch and breakfast.

If your application is denied you must send your child(ren) to school with a packed lunch or lunch box on a daily basis. If a parent would prefer their child(ren) to eat a school lunch every day, the parent will need to pay $4.35 every day for each child. ($1.60 for breakfast and $2.75)= $4.35. The cost for lunch/breakfast adds up to a total of $21.75 weekly for each child, who is not approved for free or reduced lunch.

Each parent can simply load money on their child's private account by going to Once students go through the lunch line, they merely punch in their Pin Number which will indicate to the cashier that there is money on the account and that the parent has added the necessary funds in order for the child to eat. Pin numbers will be given to all students.

When a student exhausts all funds for lunch/breakfast, parents are expected to replenish and load more funds as needed. The parent can access the child's account to keep abreast of when additional funds need to be added and uploaded. Free and Reduced lunches are approved by PGCPS Food Service...all other students must pay for lunch/breakfast.