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Classroom Visit

A pre-arranged visit with the principal in the classroom by the parents/guardians of current students or educational advocates of current students with disabilities.


(Adapted From PGCPS Administrative Procedure 0500)

  • To arrange a classroom visit, parents must contact the teacher and school principal. 
  • Such visits are at the discretion of the principal, but will not be permitted during testing. 
  • Since visits are at the discretion of the principal, the time for each visit will be determined by the principal or principal designee. 
  • The principal may limit repeated or lengthy visits that may disrupt the educational environment.  
  • Classroom visits by parents/guardians must be arranged at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Classroom visits must be conducted in such a manner that the visits do not interfere with the classroom activities of any student in the class.
  • The Principal or a designee assigned by the Principal will remain with the parent during the duration of the classroom visit.  


All volunteers must complete a background screening process through the Fingerprinting office and complete volunteer training in order to participate in school events both on and off campus.