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Our Mission, Vision & Philosophy


Riverdale stakeholders will collaborate to build literacy today in order to prepare all students for college and career readiness tomorrow.


Riverdale stakeholders will receive

R- Rigorous Instruction Driven by Data

E- Effective Communication through Collaboration

S- Safe, Caring, and Positive Climate

Philosophy of Riverdale Elementary School

The staff at Riverdale Elementary School are a haven that fosters student success and creativity. They embrace and celebrate the cultural diversity of the community and help scholars explore their potential. Our teachers are the guide on the path to growth and development of each child. Administration is the support and the framework with which all staff members can grow and develop professionally to enhance each student's life. Parents are the vehicle which continues each scholar's journey. As partners in this system and structure we hope that every child can fulfill their full potential in life.  It is Riverdales goal to provide equitable learning opportunities to all of our students so that they are viable contributors to our world.