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As members of the Vansville Elementary School team, we believe in cultivating a sense of belonging and connectedness, embracing differences, and supporting our growth and development through varied learning experiences so that we are engaged, compassionate, and productive members of society.


Our team will aim to deliver equitable learning opportunities in a safe and supportive academic and social emotional environment in order to attain educational excellence.

Core Values

By developing meaningful relationships and upholding a positive climate, as a team we will:

  1. Demonstrate and model our ROAR expectations in all locations;
  2. Include opportunities for team members to inform decisions;
  3. Engage collaboratively in intentional learning experiences according to the PGCPS approved curricula;
  4. Set goals for growth, develop a plan for action, monitor and reflect on our progress, make adjustments, and evaluate the outcomes of our efforts; and,
  5. Celebrate our success often.

Who is on our team at Vansville?
You are!
Students, staff, family members and caretakers, community members, involved citizens…

Late Opening or Early Closing Of School

If it is necessary to delay the opening of school because of inclement weather, dangerous road conditions, or any other emergency that might arise, announcements on local radio and television stations will refer to a one- or two-hour delay. If schools open one hour late, all buses will run one hour later than normal, and Vansville will open at 9:50 A.M. For one hour delayed openings, the earliest students may enter the building will be 9:30 A.M. If schools open two hours late, then all buses will run two hours later than normal, and Vansville will open at 10:50 A.M. For two hour delayed openings, the earliest students may enter the building will be 10:30 A.M. Additionally, if schools are delayed two hours, there will be no breakfast program and field trips scheduled prior to 10:55 A.M. will be canceled. A delayed opening will have no effect on the regular closing time for the school.

If schools close early due to inclement weather, dismissal times will be modified as shown below. All buses will operate on an advanced schedule and students will arrive home as many hours early as school was dismissed.

Delayed opening and early closing information may be accessed on the school system's web page at Or, after 6 A.M., access the school system's Voice Mail Bulletin Board by calling 301-952-6000. Wait for the opening message and then press number 1. A recorded message will indicate any delayed openings or school closings. In addition, the school system's cable station 96 will broadcast a "crawl" message as soon as the decision is made.

Please make sure your children are aware what to do when getting off the bus if school closes early. Be prepared. Note, Vansville staff will not be able to supervise children after dismissal due to the fact staff members need to get home to avoid dangerous conditions.

Early Dismissal/Vansville Closes at

  • 3 hours early 12:00 Noon
  • 2 hours early 1:00 P.M.
  • 1 hour early 2:00 P.M

General Delayed Openings: In the case of a delayed opening of school, the Before and After School Extended Learning Program schedules will also be delayed for the corresponding amount of time announced. Example, if the opening of school is delayed for one (1) hour, then BASELP would open at 8:00 am, if it is a two (2) hour delay, then BASELP would open at 9:00am.

General Early Dismissal: In the case of an early dismissal, the Before and After School Extended Learning Program schedules will be adjusted to coincide with that of the school district. Example – a one (1) hour early dismissal would mean that BASELP would close at 5:00pm; a two (2) hour early dismissal would mean that BASELP would close at 4:00pm.


  • In the case of an early dismissal, the Community Center will pick children up according to normal dismissal procedures. The Community Center will remain open for 1 hour after the early dismissal time. Please contact the Community Center After Care program for additional information.


  • Please make sure you are aware of your after care providers policies regarding early closing. If the after care provider does not pick upon early dismissal days, it is the parent’s responsibility to pick up their child from school at the early dismissal time.

Arrival & Dismissal Procedure for Car Riders

The safety of our students during arrival and dismissal is of utmost importance.  In an effort to maintain a safe arrival and dismissal, all families must follow the morning drop off and afternoon pick up procedures daily.  If your child will arrive to school by car and/or go home in a car every day, please review the procedures below.


  • CAR RIDER:  A car rider is a student who is dropped off in the car loop each morning and/or is picked up from the car loop in a car every day. VES facilitates point to point drop off and pick up for car riders via the established car loop.
  • WALKER: A walker is a student who walks to school each day and/or walks home from school each day.  VES does not facilitate point to point drop off/pick up for walkers.  

Morning Drop Off

  • Cars are to pull to the end of the car rider loop to the far end of the left side of the school building.
  • Students should exit the car on the passenger side.
  • Students may enter the building through the main entrance beginning at 8:30 AM. Do not drop off students prior to 8:30 AM.
  • Drivers are to remain in their cars.  No drivers are to get out of their cars. 

Afternoon Pick Up

  • Students that go home in a car every day are considered “car riders.”  The car rider loop is established for all parents/guardians that will pick up children in a car every day from school.
  • Parents/Guardians must complete one Car Rider Form per family; this form identifies the individuals with permission to pick up the child(ren) from the car loop at dismissal.  Once the Car Rider Form is received, a numbered VES Car Rider Tag will be issued to the family. Families will get a new car rider tag each school year.
  • Each driver must display the VES Car Rider Tag in the front right of their windshield.
  • Car riders will be dismissed based on the order of the cars in the car loop.  
  • In the car loop, drivers stay in their cars.
  • Drivers pull to the far end of the car loop.  
  • Students are loaded into cars between the far end of the left side of the building and the flagpole.  
  • In the event that the VES Car Rider Tag is not displayed, the driver will need to park his/her car in a parking space and report to the office, with proper identification, to pick up his/her child(ren).  

For children who will only be picked up by car intermittently, parents/guardians are to park their car in a parking space and report to the office, with proper identification, to pick up his/her child(ren). 

Complete the Car Rider Permission Form and bring it to the office to receive a car rider tag.