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Science and Technology



LOCATIONS: Charles H. Flowers, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Oxon Hill High Schools



TRANSPORTATION: Provided for students registered in the program


The Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) Science and Technology Program (S&T) seeks to expose its scholars to a rigorous curriculum wherein they think critically, solve real-world problems, and build pertinent skills to explore, design, research, and innovate as they prepare for an exciting future. This program is a rigorous four-year high school course of study that provides broad and intensive college-level academic experiences, with content and application focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The S&T Program is offered at Charles Herbert Flowers High School, Eleanor Roosevelt High School, and Oxon Hill High School.  Students may only attend the center that serves their legal residence. Transportation is provided for all students. S&T Program schools are active members of the National Consortium of Secondary STEM Schools (NCSSS). The NCSSS is an alliance of specialized high schools in the United States whose primary focus is to foster, support, and share the efforts of STEM schools. This consortium supports unique professional development programs for STEM teachers and unique learning experiences for students. Students select a major (biochemistry, engineering,/physics or computer science) and from this point, their STEM coursework is concentrated in their selected major. Please note, specific STEM courses are required for each major. As upperclassmen, S&T students are able to participate in internships, dual enrollment, and a S&T unique signature research process, research practicum (RP), for students that results in a STEM-focused project and resulting in a five-chapter research paper, similar to a master’s thesis. Students showcase their research and findings at an annual senior research symposium. Many graduates of S&T return back to thank teachers for the process as it helped them in college.

Program Features

Significant components of the program include the following: 

  1. External experiences (internships, mentorships, dual enrollment (DE), and field trips) are possible and encouraged, but must be a direct extension or enrichment of the S&T Program.
  2. Enrollment in an Advanced Placement (AP) course (or equivalent) specific to the major; completion of exams is strongly encouraged; enrollment in multiple AP courses is strongly encouraged.
  3. Selection of a major (biochemistry, engineering,/physics or computer science) and targeted STEM coursework concentrated in their selected major. Participation in internships, dual enrollment, and, research practicum as upperclassmen.

Choose this program if your child...

  • Has curiosity and likes think critically and to problem-solve
  • Has an interest in STEM
  • Has a desire to be challenged and exposed to an advanced curriculum
  • Has college and/or career goals/interest in STEM


Who can apply

All interested 8th-grade PGCPS students will be considered for admission into the S&T Program.  PGCPS 9th grade students interested must apply to be considered for any openings in their current class.  Nonpublic school students in 8th and 9th grade interested in the Science and Technology Program must apply. Please visit Testing and click on Specialty Programs to obtain additional information. 

When to Apply

August 1, 2023 - September 13, 2023
Non PGCPS Students and 9th Grade PGCPS Students

There is no application for current 8th Grade PGCPS students as all 8th Grade PGCPS students are considered.