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Teaching Residency


Resident Teacher Reflections

Tavon Carroll, Cooper Lane Elementary School


"Becoming a teacher had always been a long-term goal of mine, but being an educator where I grew up (in Prince George's County) was my life's goal! Without the Resident Teacher Program, however, there is no way I would have been able to transition so smoothly into the teaching profession. Moving from the corporate meeting rooms to the classroom, it has been both mind-altering and challenging (in a good way) joining the program but I have not regretted a single moment. After joining the Resident Teacher Program, I feel prepared, energized, and encouraged to be joining the PGCPS teacher cohort!"

Merry Messina, Benjamin Tasker Middle School


When it was time for me to start back to work I really wanted to become a special education teacher. I looked into programs at different universities in the area. None of the programs fit the schedule nor had the programs I wanted. Then I heard about the Residency Program here in Prince George’s County Public School. The more I looked into the program the more I knew it was the perfect fit for me to achieve my goals. With the Residency Program being part of Prince George’s County Public School I have access to so many resources and people to support my growth as a teacher. When I have encountered an issue, and it has not happened often, I know if I contact someone in the Residency Department I will have an answer and more help than I need. The other reason I chose the Residency Program is because one of the programs is to obtain a special education certification. I am so glad I found the Residency Program and know it will help me become a better teacher!

Tiffany Thompson, Cooper Lane Elementary School


"The PGCRT Program allowed me to follow my dreams. As a career changer, it was pivotal for me to find a program that offered real world help to make a big transition into teaching. The first year is a roller coaster! The program requirements are challenging and require real time and effort, but there is always someone to help you along the way. This experience has been life changing, literally!"

Leta Davis, District Heights Elementary School 


When I realized I was called to enter the teaching profession, I knew that I would need substantial support in order to grow into the kind of educator my students deserved to have. The Resident Teacher Program has provided me with everything I could ever hope for in that regard. The summer training was fantastic. I have an incredible mentor with me in the classroom for  hours every day. The courses are comprehensive, and I have never felt so loved and supported in a professional setting in my life. If teaching is your dream, there is no better path than the PGCPS Resident Teacher Program.

Taylor Newkirk,  Bladensburg High School

Taylor-Newkirk.png"Being a part of the NDMU cohort has introduced me to a group of similarly-driven educators with a passion to better themselves in order to give their students the best classroom experiences possible. My instructor made me believe in my capabilities and my peers encouraged me to continue pursuing a career in education because our youth are the ones who will be taking care of our society, and receiving adequate education is imperative for them. The teacher residency program has equipped me with the tools needed to be a successful, intentional, and inspirational educator that other routes I considered would not have provided me with."

Apply Here:

Prince George's County Resident Teacher Program - Elementary Education


playkitchen.jpgFind out how to join our resident teacher program for an opportunity to teach in one of our schools.

Elementary Application

Prince George's County Resident Teacher Program - ESOL

The Prince George's County Public Schools Resident Teacher Program is a Maryland Approved Alternative Preparation Program (MAAPP) that invites Conditional Teachers, paraprofessionals, substitute teachers, professionals interested in changing careers, and recent college graduates with degrees in fields other than education to participate in an alternative pathway to teacher certification. The Prince George's County Resident Teacher Program is an intensive, accelerated teacher training program designed to place credentialed, qualified educators in critical teacher shortage areas. 
We are currently accepting applications for the ESOL Education program.
PGCPS  school district serves over 47,000  international students representing 164 languages and 154 countries.  The growing need for ESOL educators is the inspiration for this focus area for the Resident Teacher Program. Accepted candidates will learn more about linguistics, second language acquisition, teaching reading and writing for our ESOL population and more! Do you want to make a difference in the lives of our ESOL students? Apply now!

NDMU- Special Education Dual Certification Program


Resident Teacher Program Overview

PGCPS Resident Teacher Programs are Maryland Approved Alternative Preparation Programs (MAAPP) designed for professionals interested in changing careers or recent college graduates with degrees in fields other than education. PGCPS Resident Teacher Programs are an alternate pathway to becoming a certified classroom teacher. They are intensive, accelerated teacher training programs that place credentialed, qualified educators in critical teacher shortage areas throughout the school system.

We are looking for individuals with a college degree who demonstrate flexibility, initiative, and a commitment to learning and growing. Ideal candidates possess a relentless drive to improve student learning and set high expectations for themselves, their colleagues, and children. We are also making a particular effort to recruit a diverse pool of candidates who will use their professional experience, subject matter knowledge, and record of achievement to improve the educational experiences and outcomes of students in Prince George’s County.

We are currently recruiting for the prospective candidates for our 2024-2025 cohorts!! Join Our Team! Become a Resident Teacher information video. 

Recruitment: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the entry requirements for the Alternative Certification Teaching Program?

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Transcript analysis with at least a 2.75 GPA
  •  Passing scores on Praxis Core or have a 3.0 GPA / and Praxis II Content+
  • Interview
  • Submission of transcripts, references, and other required documents

What are the phases of the Alternative Certification Program?

  1. Recruitment & Selection
  2. Pre-Employment Training (summer)
  3. Internship (first 8-12 weeks of the school year) with the support of a Supervising Teacher (Mentor)
  4. Residency (2 years)- Mentor Support 45 minutes weekly or 90 minutes bi-weekly

What do I need to know to successfully complete the program and earn a Standard Professional Certificate (SPC-1)?

To successfully complete the 2-year Dual Certification Program/ESOL/ Elementary Education and earn the Standard Professional Certificate (SPC I) in their content area from the Maryland State Department of Education, the candidate must:

  • Complete all NDMU/CPD coursework with a B average and a B or better in methods courses/ CPD coursework must receive a PASS as a final grade
  • Successfully complete all Professional Development trainings from PGCPS
  • Pass Praxis II Special Education (Spring of 2nd year)-NDMU ONLY
  • Pass Praxis Teach Reading in Elementary Education (TRE Assessment) (Spring of 2nd year) and Performance Assessment (edTPA/PLT/PPAT)
  • Earn a satisfactory evaluation from the school principal during both years of residency

Pre-Employment Training: Frequently Asked Questions

When is the summer training and where does it occur?

Pre-Employment Training through PGCPS begins on July 1st (no class on July 4th) Virtually, Oxon Hill Staff Development Center or J. C. Finance Center and continues through the third week of August daily. Mon, Tues, Thursdays (Virtually), Wednesdays (In-Person) and Fridays are designated for asynchronous learning.

What does my summer training include?

All candidates will take 1-2 graduate level courses/ CPD and participate in
intensive pedagogical instruction on the skills necessary to start the school year effectively.

Can I maintain a full-time job during summer training?

You will be in training from 8:30am -4:30pm each day and given assignments that are due the next day. It might prove very difficult to work and successfully complete program requirements.

Am I paid during training?

No. We are unable to offer a stipend during training.However, if the PET and Internship phases are successfully completed, we will provide a $1,000.00 stipend.

Is childcare provided?

May I bring my child with me during the Pre-Employment Training?
No. Participants are advised that children are prohibited from attending classes with you.

How am I expected to dress?

“Business Casual” attire is appropriate during training; however, professional dress is required for ESY visitations and clinical experiences. Once you begin your teaching career during Internship, professional attire is expected. What 'Business Casual' Really Means.

What additional training is provided during the school year?

Teachers new to PGCPS participate in New Teacher Boot Camp and the Professional Educator Induction Program usually occur during the 2nd and 3rd weeks in August. Graduate coursework resumes on a date and location to be determined.

What if I am not successful in Pre-Employment Training (PET)?

Any candidate who does not successfully complete the requirements for the
Pre-Employment Training will not be able to continue in the program.

Internship: Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be placed in a school for the Internship?

Prince George's County Public Schools hiring specialists will work with the
program to place you in a high-needs school with a vacancy in your area of
certification. The placement process will occur during training. This placement will remain in effect until tenure is earned (3 years) unless the PGCEA negotiated agreement changes.

What is a high-needs school?

It is a school with a high percentage of families who qualify for free/reduced price lunch and/or a school that is not making adequate yearly progress on state tests. Additionally, if there is a shortage of teaching vacancies in a particular content area at specific schools.

When do I report to the school where I’ll be teaching and completing my Internship?

All Interns report to their schools on the first day of school for new teachers. This is the date on which your internship begins.

Will my Internship be in a single school?

Yes, in most cases.

What is the rate of pay during the Internship?

You will be paid at the base salary of a Conditional Teacher of $55,079 which is the salary at the time of the distribution of this document.

When will my Internship end?

The Internship ends when you have successfully completed all requirements as determined by the Resident Teacher Program, and based on the feedback of your Supervising Teacher, Mentor Teacher, and administrators at your school. The goal is for you to complete your internship within the 8 week time frame and become a Resident Teacher during the Residency phase. Regular teacher salary, along with the Grade appropriate for your degrees, begins at this time.

Why might I have an extended Internship?

An extended internship might occur if the program team determines that
additional time to demonstrate successful teaching skills is necessary.

What if I am not successful in my Internship?

Any candidate who does not successfully complete the requirements for the
Internship will not be able to continue in the program.

Why might I be transferred or assigned as a co-teacher after my Internship?

If the school population dictates that a staff reduction is necessary, you would then be transferred to another school with a vacancy in your subject area or be assigned to team-teach until a position becomes available.

Upon successful completion of the Pre-employment training (PET) and Internship, am I guaranteed a teaching position in my area of certification?

Yes, and in most cases this teaching position is the same position as during your Internship.

Residency Frequently Asked Questions

What salary can I expect?

Teacher salaries are determined through negotiations between the Board of
Education and the Prince George’s County Educators’ Association. During
your residency, you will receive the same salary as any other first year
certified teacher. 

Will my salary be adjusted if I have previous teaching experience?

Yes. Previous full-time teaching experience is considered when determining
salary. The “Verification of Previous Employment” form must be completed
by the previous employer and submitted to the Resident Teacher Program

Do I need to be fingerprinted?

Yes, fingerprinting is a requirement and occurs at the Sasscer Administration Building, 14201 School Lane, Upper Marlboro, 20772 (301-952-7831). The cost is $62.25. All candidates must submit a copy of the receipt received at the time of fingerprinting to the Resident Teacher Program Office no later than the first week in July . If you were previously fingerprinted for PGCPS, please provide us with a copy of your receipt.

Will I have a mentor?

Yes, a mentor teacher will visit your classroom on a regular basis to observe,
make suggestions, listen to your concerns, and offer advice. Additionally,
your principal may assign a job-alike mentor within the schoolhouse.

Are there additional requirements I must fulfill during Residency?

The additional requirements are as follows:

  • Complete NDMU graduate coursework with a B average. NDMU ONLY) Complete all required coursework with a score of PASSING.
  • Pass Praxis II Special Education and Praxis Principles of Learning & Teaching tests, edTPA, or PPAT.
  • Participate in scheduled professional development with fellow teachers in the Prince George’s County Resident Teacher Program.
  • Receive a satisfactory evaluation from the principal both years.

What happens if I do not receive a satisfactory evaluation from my principal?

In order to continue in a teaching position in Prince George’s County Public
Schools, a satisfactory evaluation is required each year. The employment of
those whose performance is less than satisfactory is terminated

How long am I expected to teach in Prince George’s County Public Schools?

Per your signed Letter of Agreement, your commitment is for a minimum of
3 years for the Dual Certification Program. If you leave before fulfilling your
commitment, you must repay the school system for the cost of your training
to include course work.

Contact Information

Dr. LaChon Winston
Alternative Teaching Pathways Liaison (Resident Teacher Program)