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Teaching Residency


Resident Teacher Reflections

Tavon Carroll, Cooper Lane Elementary School


"Becoming a teacher had always been a long-term goal of mine, but being an educator where I grew up (in Prince George's County) was my life's goal! Without the Resident Teacher Program, however, there is no way I would have been able to transition so smoothly into the teaching profession. Moving from the corporate meeting rooms to the classroom, it has been both mind-altering and challenging (in a good way) joining the program but I have not regretted a single moment. After joining the Resident Teacher Program, I feel prepared, energized, and encouraged to be joining the PGCPS teacher cohort!"

Stefanie Adams, Robert Goddard Montessori School 

Stefanie-Adams.png"The resident teacher program has taught me so much, and in such a short amount of time. The community and culture of the program have kept me pushing through and staying determined to complete my certification credentials. Though the program is rigorous and challenging at times, it is so rewarding! I am so proud to be part of this program, and wouldn't have wanted to go any other route to become a proud PGCPS teacher."

Tiffany Thompson, Cooper Lane Elementary School


"The PGCRT Program allowed me to follow my dreams. As a career changer, it was pivotal for me to find a program that offered real world help to make a big transition into teaching. The first year is a roller coaster! The program requirements are challenging and require real time and effort, but there is always someone to help you along the way. This experience has been life changing, literally!"

Kia Williams, Rosaryville Elementary School

Kia-Williams.png"As a career changer, the PGCPS Resident Teacher Program was a tremendous blessing and opportunity that came at just the right time in my life. PGCRT/NDMU afforded me the opportunity to obtain an education, field experience, awesome mentorship from seasoned educators, and ultimately earn a Master's degree in Leadership in Teaching from NDMU and dual certification in general and special education. The pace and rigor of this program are challenging, but the rewards and privilege to invest in the lives of our students with learning disabilities are so much greater!"

Taylor Newkirk,  Bladensburg High School

Taylor-Newkirk.png"Being a part of the NDMU cohort has introduced me to a group of similarly-driven educators with a passion to better themselves in order to give their students the best classroom experiences possible. My instructor made me believe in my capabilities and my peers encouraged me to continue pursuing a career in education because our youth are the ones who will be taking care of our society, and receiving adequate education is imperative for them. The teacher residency program has equipped me with the tools needed to be a successful, intentional, and inspirational educator that other routes I considered would not have provided me with."

Apply Here:

Prince George's County Resident Teacher Program - Elementary Education

Elementary Education (PGCRT) Resident Teacher Program

playkitchen.jpgFind out how to join our resident teacher program for an opportunity to teach in one of our schools.

Prince George's County Resident Teacher Program - ESOL

The Prince George's County Public Schools Resident Teacher Program is a Maryland Approved Alternative Preparation Program (MAAPP) that invites Conditional Teachers, paraprofessionals, substitute teachers, professionals interested in changing careers, and recent college graduates with degrees in fields other than education to participate in an alternative pathway to teacher certification. The Prince George's County Resident Teacher Program is an intensive, accelerated teacher training program designed to place credentialed, qualified educators in critical teacher shortage areas. 
We are currently accepting applications for the ESOL Education program.
PGCPS  school district serves over 47,000  international students representing 164 languages and 154 countries.  The growing need for ESOL educators is the inspiration for this focus area for the Resident Teacher Program. Accepted candidates will learn more about linguistics, second language acquisition, teaching reading and writing for our ESOL population and more! Do you want to make a difference in the lives of our ESOL students? Apply now!

NDMU- Special Education Dual Certification Program


Resident Teacher Program Overview

PGCPS Resident Teacher Programs are Maryland Approved Alternative Preparation Programs (MAAPP) designed for professionals interested in changing careers or recent college graduates with degrees in fields other than education. PGCPS Resident Teacher Programs are an alternate pathway to becoming a certified classroom teacher. They are intensive, accelerated teacher training programs that place credentialed, qualified educators in critical teacher shortage areas throughout the school system.

We are looking for individuals with a college degree who demonstrate flexibility, initiative, and a commitment to learning and growing. Ideal candidates possess a relentless drive to improve student learning and set high expectations for themselves, their colleagues, and children. We are also making a particular effort to recruit a diverse pool of candidates who will use their professional experience, subject matter knowledge, and record of achievement to improve the educational experiences and outcomes of students in Prince George’s County.

We are currently recruiting for the prospective candidates for our 2023-2024 cohorts!! Join Our Team! Become a Resident Teacher information video. 

Contact Information

Dr. LaChon Winston
Alternative Teaching Pathways Liaison (Resident Teacher Program)