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13300 Old Marlboro Pike
Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20772
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What goes in the PGCPS recycling bin?

 Clean Paper

paper.jpg brown paper bag.bmp
  • All Paper Types and Colors (NO Glitter or Plastic)         
  • NO Textbooks - Contact the Warehouse
  • NO Tissues, Napkins, or Food Soiled Paper 
  • NO Laminated or Wax Coated Paper
  • Place shredded paper in a paper bag or clear plastic bag.

 Cartons and Cardboard

OJ box.jpg   AJ box.jpgCardboard-boxes.jpgpizza box.jpg

  • Empty All Containers                     
  • Flatten Cardboard Boxes
  • NO Food or Food-soiled Paper        
  • NO Straws


 Plastic Containers

        Empty plastic containers with #1, 2, 3, 5, or 7

 waterbottlelarge.jpg Sport drink beverage no label.jpgsoda bottle green.jpgsalad cup.jpgcereal bowl.jpgplastic hand sanitizer bottle with pump.jpgtub lg - yogurt.jpgyogurt contianer.jpgLunchable Tray.jpg

  • NO FOOD - Empty All Containers 
  • Plastic Bottles, Cups, Bowls, Jars, Tubs and Trays with #1, 2, 3, 5, or 7
  • Caps and Lids 
  • NO #6 Plastics
  • Remove Paper and Plastic Film Lids


 Metal Containers and Foil

 aluminum can.bmp              
  • Empty Metal Food Containers and Lids
  • NO Food
  • Clean Aluminum Foil
  • Clean Aluminum Pans


 Glass Bottles & Jars


  • Empty Glass Bottles and Jars (any color) and Lids
  • NO Broken Glass

Do Not Place These Items In PGCPS Recycling Bins:

Red X Image.png NO Food or Food Soiled Paper

food waste (compost).jpg


Red X Image.png NO Snack Packaging

chip bag3.jpgsnack packaging.bmp
NO Chip Bags, Candy and Cookie Wrappers, Granola and Energy Bar Wrappers, Etc.

Red X Image.png NO Plastic Bags or Plastic Film

grocery bag2.jpg
DO NOT BAG RECYCLABLES, items should be loose in school recycling dumpsters. Plastic bags harm Recycling Facility machineryRecycle grocery bags at store drop-offs.
Plastic Bag Recycling Postcard
Plastic Bag FAQ's Flyer 

Red X Image.png NO Plastic Straws or Utensils

spork.jpg straws.jpg

Our Recycling Facility does not accept these items. Learn about the County Plastic Straw Ban.


Red X Image.png NO Napkins or Tissues


Red X Image.png NO #6 Plastics

Our recycling facility does not accept #6 plastic, including foam.  Learn about PGC Foam Free and the MD Foam Ban.

Red X Image.png NO Drink or Food Pouches


Red X Image.png NO Sauce or Condiment Packets

mustard packet.jpg


Red X Image.png NO Toner Tubes or Ink Cartridges

Toner Tube2.jpg Laser Toner Cartridge.jpg

Use pre-paid labels to return for recycling.  Print a poster to display in the collection area.


Red X Image.png NO Paper Cups

disposable paper cup.bmp

Red X Image.png NO Textbooks, Electronics, Furniture, or Bulky Items

Contact the Warehouse to pick up: textbooks, furniture, electronics and accessories, scrap metal, wooden pallets and bulky items.

Red X Image.png NO Hazardous Materials

Hazardous Product.jpgNO Hazardous materials including broken glass, chemicals, light bulbs, and batteries.

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