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Recycling Lessons, Activities and Resources

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Lessons and Activities

    What Goes In My Recycling Bin? Review Activity
    Trash or Recycling? Quiz

PGCPS Recycling Lessons
    Phase 1: Planning and Supplies
    Phase 2: Why recycle? What to recycle?
    Phase 3: Clean Recycling - Avoiding Contamination
    Breakfast in the Classroom Recycling
    Virtual Recycling Lessons and Activities

Waste-Free Lunches 
    Student Worksheet
    Waste-Free Challenge Toolkit
    'I Packed a Waste-Free Lunch' Stickers

Garbology - Interactive lessons about what we do with our waste

Green Star Schools - Waste reduction ideas, resources, and certification program 

I Want To Be Recycled

Make a bird feeder from a carton

Recycling Service Learning Project Ideas - Maryland State Department of Education

Morning Recycling Announcement Examples for Schools

Paperrecycles - Activities, lessons, and paper recycling information

Oops! Cards: RecyclingTrashCongrats! Card - Student teams can give feedback on items found in recycling bins and trash cans 

Recycle Bank - Recycling education, quizzes and points for recycling

Recycled Crafts and Project Ideas

The Greens Activity Guide -PBS Kids

Trash Can Quiz: Fun Facts About Trash and Recycling 

Waste Audits 
    Conduct a Waste Assessment at Your School
    School Waste Audit
    Simple Recycling Audit