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Absence Management

14201 School Lane
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
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Absence Management Team

Types of Leave That Do Not Require Absence Management

Notice: Employees requesting the following leave types do not need to apply through Absence Management:

  • Annual Leave
  • Personal Leave
  • Vacation
  • Leave for Court Appearances
  • Bereavement Leave
  • Illness and personal emergencies up to 10 duty days for PGCEA, ASASP, and Executives & Confidential Employees; and up to 15 duty days for local 2250 & Local 400 employees.
    • Employees should enter leave request through Oracle Self-Service after discussing the need for taking such leave with their Leave Granting Authority and presenting any needed documentation.
    • Leave Granting Authority approves leave through Oracle Self-Service.       

Delivery of Completed Absence Management Forms

Employees may choose any of the following routes to deliver their completed forms to Absence Management:

  • Drop off at the Payroll and Benefits Office, room 132, Sasscer Building (does not require meeting with a Leave Assistant);
  • Mail to Absence Management, 14201 School Lane, Room 132, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772;
  • Fax to 301-760-3593
  • or Email to

Due to the high volume of requests, Absence Management staff will send a written reply to leave requests within 5-10 business days, barring extenuating circumstances.  If an employee has specific questions that are not answered by the Absence Management Administration Procedures, Frequently Asked Questions, (FAQ), Extended LOA Checklist, and the leave forms, that employee is encouraged to schedule an appointment to speak with an Absence Management staff member.  To schedule an appointment, please call Payroll and Benefits Services at 301-952-6200.

Leave Forms and Leave Resources

Request Extended Leave Of Absence

To Request Extended Leave of Absence (LOA), use the appropriate form(s) below:  

Thank you for visiting our website! We hope the information that we have provided is useful. To get started with an extended leave request please contact Payroll and Benefits Services at 301.952.6200 to be directed to the Leave Assistant for your work location.  Questions regarding Workers’ Compensation, please call 301.780.2186 or visit the Risk Management web page.