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Letters from Principal Adams

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May 17, 2024

Dear Accokeek Academy Family,

Thank you for your partnership all school year.  It indeed "takes a village to raise a child. "  We count on you to encourage your child to do their very best and give them the life skills they require to become a productive citizen.

As we wind down the school year, I would like to apologize for our having to change dates of activities. Our Foam Run and ABC Party for 3rd Quarter will be held on Tuesday May 21st.  Our Foam Run is only for students and their families who participated in the Foam Run Fundraiser.  We sincerely thank you for your participation.  Please make sure that your child brings a towel.

Our Spring Music Concerts will also be next week with all taking place at 7pm in the Upper Campus Gym for grades 4 - 8:

  • Tuesday 5/21 - Spring Band Concert
  • Wednesday 5/22 - Spring Choir Concert 
  • Thursday 5/23 - Spring Orchestra Concert

We are closed on Memorial Day, May 27.  Our Field Day Opening Ceremony for grades K - 5 is on Tuesday May 28 in the morning.  Field Day for grades K - 2 is the following day and grades 3 - 5 on Thursday May 30.

Our Annual Talent Show is on Wednesday May 29 at 7:00pm in the Upper Campus Cafeteria.  It is always an amazing display of our very own talented scholars!

The month of May will end on May 31st with our 8th Grade Class enjoying their Formal Dance from 7pm to 11pm at Grace's Event Center in Waldorf, Maryland.

We look forward to you joining us as we celebrate all the many accomplishments of our scholars and for their enjoyment as we end the year together.  There will be additional announcements of grade level celebrations occurring in June.  But please mark your calendars of the change in the last days of school:

  • Wednesday June 12th - 3-Hour Early Dismissal
  • Thursday June 13th - 3-Hour Early Dismissal and THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS!

Educationally yours,

Dr. Judy N. Adams, Principal


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April 30, 2024

Dear Accokeek Academy Community,

We sincerely thank you for your participation in our Spring Fundraiser.   Your generosity will allow us to end the school year strong.  We will have both the 3rd Quarter ABC Party and the Foam Run for our participating students on Monday May 13th.  This should be a day of fun for many of our scholars.

Our previous fundraiser, all proceeds went towards the purchase of hand dryers for our students' restrooms.  While the installation of the electrical has been a slow process, more than half of the restrooms have been installed with the electric hand dryers.  The completion of the project is expected this summer.  

It was announced last week which schools should expect a change in their school times for next school year.  These changes are intended to improve transportation efficiencies.  Accokeek Academy's new school hours for next year are 9:30am until 4:10pm.

We will continue our State Testing with our Reading MCAP assessments.  The sessions for Reading are 70 minutes each.  As such, we have decided to test our scholars with only one session per day.  This has resulted  in a change of schedule.  Please mark your calendars and ensure that your student's chromebook is placed on the charger the night before.  Have the student get a good night's rest of 8 or more hours and a nutritious breakfast.  

Our new testing days are:

Thursday May 2nd

Tuesday May 7th

Wednesday May 8th

Thursday May 9th

We continue to thank you for your partnership and support.  Our goal is to finish strong through the end of the school year.  The last day of school for students is June 13th.

Educationally yours,

Dr. Judy N. Adams, Principal

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April 2, 2024
Hello Accokeek Academy Community,
We hope that you enjoyed your Spring Break and are returning healthy and ready to work hard and prepare for our State Testing in Math, Reading and 8th Grade Social Studies.  These assessment results are used to calculate our Star Rating from the state.  Please encourage your child to put forth their best efforts as these scores are also used for class placements for the upcoming year and over middle school for high school.  Our students have worked hard all year and should be excited to demonstrate their learning and answering every question.
Our testing dates are as follows for Grades 3 - 8:
Math MCAP - April 23 - 25
Reading MCAP - May 6 - 9
Social Studies MCAP (8th Grade Only) - May 15 - 16

We ask that you mark these dates on your calendars to ensure your child's presence at school.  Students perform much better when testing with their peers than during make-ups.  
Please ensure that the night before testing: 
  • Students plug their chromebooks to be fully charged.
  • Students go to sleep to receive a minimum of 8-10 hours of sleep.
  • Students talk to you about their feelings concerning testing and if it needs to be shared with the teacher
The morning of testing, we ask that you prepare their favorite breakfast and that they bring their fully charged chromebook and their charger.  
Over the next two weeks, students will be engaged in mock testing and will receive many coaching sessions regarding their expected testing behaviors which will make them overall better students and more successful on the tests.  Please ask your child what those expected behaviors are and allow them to share their thoughts.  As the teacher monitors the students' performance success, they will be invited to our final Grow & Glow Party!  Encourage your student because everyone can be successful with doing the expected behaviors!
Thank you for your partnership.  You are your child's first teacher and your involvement will go a long way in their testing success.  We must do this as a team who is serious about your child's academic success.
Educationally yours,
Dr. Judy N. Adams, Principal


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February 6, 2024

Dear Accokeek Academy Community, 

By now, you know that Prince George’s County Public Schools is introducing increased security enhancement measures for designated middle schools during the 2023-2024 SY.  These new procedures will apply to all students in Grades 6 - 8 and visitors to our campus. No elementary students will be required to participate.  As we at Accokeek Academy begin this process on February 27th , we want everyone to be mindful of the following:

  • Middle School students and visitors will walk through our security enhancement equipment upon arrival to campus.  In the morning, all students and visitors will enter through our designated entrance area.  

  • After morning arrival, everyone will enter the main entrance area.

  • Patience will be needed from everyone as we work to implement this new process. 

To help us make morning arrivals go more smoothly, we kindly request all students adhere to the following guidelines before arriving at school:

  • Backpacks should be fully centered on your back or chest with both straps on your shoulders.

  • Upon arrival, remove your Chromebook, metal water bottles, umbrellas, and three-ring binders from your book bag before entering the school.

  • You should not have anything in your hands when you walk into the building except your Chromebook, metal water bottle, or binders.

  • Kindly take your Chromebook out of its carrying case before walking through the security enhancement equipment. 

  • As you approach the security enhancement equipment, please hand your Chromebook, metal water bottle, umbrellas, and any three-ring binders to the designated staff standing next to the security enhancement equipment.  Your belongings will be immediately returned to you as you exit the security enhancement equipment.  Ensure that you only bring necessary items, especially metal objects, to school, as they may cause delays in your entry into the school building.

  • Actively listen and follow the verbal instructions provided by our staff.

  • Students found in possession of weapons or other contraband will be subject to consequences as outlined in the Students’ Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. 

We thank you in advance for your cooperation, patience, and understanding as we implement these new safety measures at Accokeek Academy and across PGCPS.  The goal is to maximize safety for all students, staff, and visitors to our schools. This is just one tool we will implement as we work towards increasing school safety for all. 


Dr. Judy N. Adams

Principal, Accokeek Academy


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January 21, 2024

Good Evening Accokeek Academy Community,

Tomorrow is Asynchronous Monday.  This means that our students do not come into school.  However, they will find their independent assignments on their teacher's normal online platform.  Students are expected to complete all assignments given to them for a half day of instruction.  If your student needs assistance, he/she may connect with online tutors.  Students can access TutorMe through Clever at anytime.  Tomorrow is the first day of 3rd Quarter and keep in mind that their Creative Arts/Specialists change each quarter.  Have them to check their schedule in SchoolMax if they have forgotten.  They will have an assignment to complete for Creative Arts/Specialists as well.

On Tuesday evening at 7:00pm we are having our first Family Table of the school year.  We would like to share important information and take your questions.  You may reach our Family Table Tuesday night January 23rd at 7:00pm @

We hope everyone takes advantage of this asynchronous day especially with the cold weather we are experiencing.  We also looki forward to you joining us on Tuesday evening.  Thank you for your continuous partnership and support.

Educationally yours,

Dr. Judy N. Adams, Principal

Accokeek Academy


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January 18, 2024

Dear Accokeek Academy Families,

We have arrived at the end of the 2nd Quarter of the school year.  There are many accomplishments we have achieved thus far:  Our 8th graders achieved the highest average score on PSAT 8/9 nationally; over half of our student population earned 1st Quarter Honor Roll; our Boys’ Baseball and Basketball teams participated in the final game to determine the Middle School Championship; to name a few.

However, due primarily to the number of students that are chronically absent, our Maryland Star Rating was reduced from four to three stars for 2023.  I am sad to say that our chronic absences continue. One of our top priorities is to improve student attendance. I am deeply concerned about our school’s data showing alarming declines. Last year, over 30% of our elementary students were deemed chronically absent and 15% of our middle school students. This means they missed 10% or more school days. There is so much expected of our staff and students, and the reality is that we only have students in school for about 1,170 hours out of 8,760 hours in a year. This means that every minute we have with our students is critical to the instruction, supports, and experiences all of our students need to thrive. Compounding that limited time with high absentee rates make the job infinitely more difficult.

I am grateful to all of our families and know I can count on you to be sure your child is in school everyday they are able and that you will work with the staff in our school to build the levels of support needed. Please see below for attendance reminders. Let’s make it happen this second half of the school year!

  • Students may miss no more than 18 days per school year – this includes excused and unexcused absences.
  • The only excused absence reasons are: illness of student, death in family, court summons, weather emergency, and religious holiday. Please send a written note when your child returns to school so that we can excuse the absence and provide make-up work.
  • Students have the number of days equal to the number of days absent to make up missed work. For example, if a student misses two days due to illness they must make up the work two days after they return to school and the teacher has provided the work. Make-up work is only allowed for excused absences.
  • Students may be absent one day per semester (total of two days per school year) to address mental health needs. Written notification from the parent is required to use these two days and they will be considered excused. These days do count towards the attendance total, not to exceed 18 days.
  • The school will provide attendance incentives and rewards to promote good attendance.

I also would like to invite you to our first Family Table on Tuesday January 23rd at 7:00pm.  This is an opportunity for our Administration and Staff to present important information and receive your feedback.  You will access the Family Table at  We look forward to you joining us.  


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December 18, 2023

Dear Accokeek Academy Families,

We just celebrated all students who received all A's, B's and C's for the first quarter.  Students had a great time at the ABC Parties in grades 2 - 7.  This was a great way to kick off our last week of school before Winter Break which begins after Friday December 22nd.

We have named this week, Winter Wonder Spirit Week.  We have a different dress for each day of the week.  The information is attached.  We are also collecting socks for the homeless.  The bins can be found in both Main Offices.  Join us in giving new socks to the homeless.

Tonight we will continue our celebration with our Band Concert for grades 4 - 8 in the Upper Campus Gym at 7:00pm.  Please come out and join us.

Wednesday December 20th is our Picture Make-up Day.  If you would like your child to have another picture taken or were absent on our Picture Day, you will be called down for photos.  All students must wear their uniforms on Wednesday.  Students may also wear a hat and socks in the spirit of the holidays.  Our Kindergarten students will have a holiday party sponsored by the Accokeek Cartwright Mason Lodge on Wednesday.

Classroom teachers will  be hosting classroom activities on Thursday and Friday.  Please assist in any way you can to make them as joyous as possible.

Unfortunately, we are experiencing an outbreak of colds, viruses, the flu and even several cases of Covid.  Please remind your children to wash their hands frequently throughout the school day.  If you feel it necessary, they may also wear a mask.  Refraining from giving high fives, shaking hands and sharing food items will all cut down their chances of acquiring any viruses.  Remember to keep your child home if they have a fever or have uncontrollable coughing or sneezing.

Finally, a few reminders:

  • Being tardy for school becomes a habit and results in missing valuable instruction.  This is the same with early dismissals with students missing instruction.  Research shows that tardiness, absences, and early dismissals result in lower grades.
  • Please do not drop off students early. If they have a SGA/Yearbook Club or morning detention that starts at 8:00am please do not release them from your car until 8:00am. Also, students are being dropped off before 8:45am and they do not belong to a club or have morning detention, are unsupervised outside.  This is a safety concern.

From the Administration, Teachers and Staff, we wish you a Happy and Safe Holiday Season.  We will see you all back Wednesday January 3, 2024!

Happy Holidays,

Dr. Judy Adams, Principal


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November 17, 2023

Dear Accokeek Academy Family,
We are pleased to announce our Holiday Schedule for next week.  We are presenting TURKEY BINGO with the Boys and Girls Club tonight at the school. There is a $1 admission fee which will go towards the Principals' Lunch Fund.  Turkeys and gift cards will be given out. 
School is in session on Monday November 20th and Tuesday November 21st.  During both days our Specialists and Creative Arts teachers will present the Accokeek Academy Turkey Trot - a mile run and fitness fun during their grade level Specials and Creative Arts classes.  Please see the attached flyer.
During this season of gratitude, I would like to thank each of you for your support thus far this school year.  Together we can work for the success of all of our scholars.  We have 924 1st Quarter Honor Roll recipients!  Congratulations to each one!  We will celebrate our Honor Roll recipients beginning in-person on November 20th with our 2nd graders.  All others in-person assemblies:
November 28th 9:45am - 8th Grade
                          2:30pm - 4th Grade
November 29th 9:45am - 7th Grade
                          2:30pm - 3rd Grade
November 30th  9:45am - 6th Grade
December 1st    9:45am - 5th Grade
We look forward to celebrating their academic achievements for the 1st Quarter!
We all know that the weather is changing and bringing with it common viruses.  We encourage your children to dress appropriately for the weather; wash their hands frequently; and to stay home only when sick.  We have experienced an uptick in the number of absenteeism and tardiness.  Both absences and tardies have a negative impact on student learning.  Please make every effort (except when sick) to get your child here on-time and everyday.
From the Accokeek Academy Administration, Teachers and Staff, we wish you a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!
Judy N. Adams, Ed.D. 


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November 2, 2023

Dear Accokeek Academy Families,

I am sharing the letter from Pupil Accounting and School Boundaries describing to you the plans for Colin Powell Academy for this school year and next.  The letter is attached and you are asked to direct all questions to Pupil Accounting and School Boundaries.  Thank you.  Colin Powell Transition Notice.pdf 

Dr. Judy Adams, Principal


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October 30, 2023 

Dear Accokeek Academy 8th Grade Parents:

I am writing to inform you about an incident at the school on Friday October 27, 2023.

School administration confiscated edibles brought to school by an 8th grade student. There were three 8th grade students who purchased and consumed them. The student bringing the edibles and the students purchasing will be disciplined and must attend mandatory counseling.

The safety of our students is our top priority. Please assist in our efforts to maintain a safe learning environment by discussing with your child acceptable behaviors that support a positive school climate. Discuss with your child the consequences, such as expulsion, for bringing any edibles to school. Please encourage your child to always immediately report any suspicious activities on school grounds to a staff member or trusted adult.

If you have any questions or concerns, as always please feel free to contact me or your Grade Level Administrator, Mr. Donald King.
Thank you for your continued support.


Dr. Judy N. Adams, Principal



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October 28, 2023

Dear Accokeek Academy Community:

This will be a great week for our community as we end the 1st Quarter of the school year.  Please place on your calendar for each day this week:

Monday October 30

  • Lower & Upper Campus Picture Day - All must wear uniforms as these photos are for the yearbook

  • Kindergarten - 4th Grade will have a virtual field trip to Del-Rose Farm 11:30am

Tuesday October 31

  • Vocabulary Parade @9:30am - Students in Kindergarten - 5th grade will creatively dress as. vocabulary word and parade outside (Parents are invited to view from outside) and then throughout the Upper Campus for middle school students, teachers and staff!  

November we will honor Native American Heritage Month

Thursday November 2

  • End of the 1st Quarter - encourage your student to review their assignments and make them aware that they must prepare for their instruction and assignments to become more rigorous as Grade Level Standards are more demanding.

  • PGCPS PreK-Grade 12 Specialty Programs Showcase @ Charles Herbert Flowers High School 6:00 - 8:00pm

Friday November 3 - Professional Day for Teachers – ½ Day Asynchronous Learning for Students

  • ½ Day A.M. Asynchronous Learning from Home - students will receive assignments via Canvas from their teachers for a half day.  Completion of the assignments will demonstrate attendance for the day.  Please have your student complete all assignments given for that day.  Students do not report to school.

  • ½ Day P.M. Teacher Professional Development Afternoon

We thank you in advance for your partnership in ensuring that our week ahead is successful.  

Educationally yours,

Dr. Judy N. Adams


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October 24, 2023

Dear 5th Grade Parents and Students,

Our children are technology-driven, and the age of sharing information (whether good or bad) is mainly through their cell phones. Thus, we have to continue to monitor and teach them how to use technology responsibly. 

Accokeek Academy's cell phone policy is that phones are to be  turned off before entering the building and remain off during the school day.  Unfortunately, too many of our students do not adhere to this policy.  Students are taking pictures, videos, accessing social media, playing games, group texting, etc. The photos and videos taken in school reach social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. Please know many children have two social media accounts--the one you have access to and the one you do not know about. 

Today, we have several group chats and Facetime groups of 5th graders.  The dialogue and the conversations are inappropriate  and have led to pornographic photos being shared within these group chats.  Child pornography is illegal and sharing photos is unacceptable within and outside of the school.

I ask that you speak to your children and discuss why they should not engage in sharing these photos and that disciplinary action will be taken. Also, students asking other students for inappropriate photos is also unacceptable.  Please look at your child's phone immediately and see what is housed in their phones and the sites they are visiting.  I would also ask that you consider one of the recommended parental control apps for your child's phone.

I recommend that you look into an app called Parental Control App-Our Pact;, free.  The app works on IOS and Android, on WiFi and cellular networks. Also, the app can be placed on multiple devices. You can control their screen time and monitor what they are doing. There are other highly recommended apps below:

“It takes a village to raise a child” and we are asking for your support.

Educationally yours,

Judy N. Adams, Ed.D., Principal


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October 20, 2023

Dear Accokeek Academy,

We have some important dates coming up to share with you.

Next week is Red Ribbon Week.  During Red Ribbon Week, we will remind students of leading a drug and alcohol free lifestyle and give them strategies for resisting.  We will wear red on Wednesday to bring awareness to a drug and alcohol free lifestyle.

On Wednesday October 25th, our 8th Grade Students will take the PSAT 8/9.  This assessment is used to help determine the high selections for next school year.  Please ensure your child charges their chromebook on Tuesday evening along with having a good night's sleep and a nutritious breakfast the next morning.

Thursday October 26th will be our Parent Math Night for Grades 3 - 5 at 6:30pm.  Please join us to discuss how you can help your child at home.

Friday October 27th will be our Monsters, Inc. Movie Night for Grades K - 5 and our Costume Dance for our 6th - 8th Graders.  Both events will begin at 7pm and the Movie Night will end at 9 and the Costume Dance will end at 9:30pm.

Monday October 30th is PICTURE DAY!  These photos are for the Yearbook and students are required to wear their uniforms.

Tuesday October 31st, our students in Grades K - 5 will participate in our annual Vocabulary Parade!  Students will wear costumes for the word they selected and get creative showing the meaning of the word on their costume!  Parents are welcome to the outdoor portion of the parade beginning at 9:45am.  Students will also parade into Upper Campus to show their creativity to our older students who also look forward  to seeing them.

Thursday November 2nd is the end of the 1st Quarter.  Please have your students following up with their teachers for any missing assignments or extra credit.

Friday November 3rd is a Professional Development Day for teachers and schools are closed for students.

Please mark your calendars for each of the events.  We also encourage you to volunteer and become more active in our school community.  I thank the K - 2 parents who came out for our Math and Reading Night.  We had a great time!

Thank you for all that you do and let's end October strong....THE ACCOKEEK WAY!


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October 1, 2023

Dear Accokeek Academy Community,

We have reached Progress Report Time for the 1st Quarter of the School Year!  We are excited about the school year thus far.  We have invited parents into the building for the first time in 3 years due to the pandemic.  So extend a welcome to each of you to come and visit the school as a volunteer or to visit your child's classroom.  We only ask that you notify the teacher or administrator before coming.  We have held our Back to School Nights; our High School Exploration Night; and our Orientations.  We thank you for your overwhelming attendance!  Our partnership will make our school stronger and our scholars achieve more.

An example of that partnership was the overwhelming win by our Accokeek Academy Science Bowl Team!  The Team was successful in winning both matches!  They move on now to the Semifinals on November 14th.Thank you parents of our team members for allowing them to participate and the many nights of practice.  Thank you Ms. Edmiston for your unwavering leadership of our team!

As we welcome October, we have many activities that I would like to share and hope that you and your child will make these events yours by participating.

Our Fall Fundraiser is our READ-A-THON which continues through October 5th.  We will use the monies raised to help defer the costs of field trips and classroom supplies.  Click and type your child's name HERE .  Make your donation now and get family and friends to support our children reading!


Middle School Baseball and Softball Season has begun! We congratulate our scholars who have made the teams and thank the parents for providing transportation for each practice!

Monday October 2 - Wear PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness

Friday October 6 - Hispanic Heritage Day - students asked to wear their cultural attire and/or their country's flag

  Panda Express Fundraiser - Our Panda Express Fundraiser is nationwide!  Ask friends and family to order online on Friday October 6th and enter our code 917709.  We will earn 15% of all orders!  

Monday October 9 - School is closed for Parent/Teacher Conference Day.  We will have as many conferences as possible, but please know that we cannot schedule everyone for that day.  However, we hold conferences on an on-going basis so please ask for a convenient date for your conference.

Tuesday October 10 - Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade GRANDPARENTS are invited to join their students from 9:45am until 11:30am.  We welcome all to Grandparents Day!

Friday October 13 - Wear PURPLE for Domestic Violence Awareness

Wednesday October 18 - Wear ORANGE for Bullying Prevention Month

Thursday October 19 - Kindergarten, 1st, & 2nd Grade Parents invited to our Math Night 6:30pm

Friday October 20 - SCHOOLS CLOSED for Educators' Professional Day

OCTOBER 23 - 31 RED RIBBON WEEK - Honoring a drug and alcohol free lifestyle - Wear RED on Monday October 23

Wednesday October 25 - 8th Grade Students take the PSAT 8/9 - Assessment which impacts their high school selection.  6th & 7th Grade Field Trips

Thursday October 26 - Grades 3 - 5 Math Night 6:30pm.  Parents invited to our Math Night 6:30pm

Friday October 27 - Kindergarten to 5th grade Monsters Inc. Movie Night  and Grades 6-8 Costume Dance.


Tuesday October 31 - Vocabulary Parade for K-5 Students who parade outside and Upper Campus

Together we know that we will have an excellent school year and a fun-filled October!  I thank you in advance for your partnership and participation because we know that Success is Contagious...PASS IT ON!...THE ACCOKEEK WAY!


Dr. Judy N. Adams, Principal


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August 31, 2023

Dear Accokeek Academy Families,

Our number one goal is the safety of all students and adults who enter our school.  As such, please be reminded of the following:

  • We are in the process of holding our Code of Conduct Assemblies and ensuring that students know the expectations in the school and on the school bus.
  • The school bus continues to be an unruly environment because the driver has to focus on driving the bus and his/her surroundings.  We ask that you speak directly with your child about the dangers of screaming, walking or running on the bus.  Also, throwing objects inside and out of the window can result in a serious accident.
  • The bathrooms are intended for everyone's use.  No one has the right to bully another student whose intent is to use the restroom.  Our goal is to keep the bathrooms clean and stocked with paper towels and toilet tissue.  Please also discuss that vandalism ruins our bathrooms and makes everyone feel unsafe.

You are also reminded of the following policies:

  • School begins at 9:15am.  Late arrivals reduce our instructional time.
  • Attendance everyday is the expectations unless your child is sick.  Remember that attendance can caused your child to fail academically.
  • No outside food should be brought into the school during lunchtime.  It is disruptive during lunch time.  Please secure permission from your child's classroom teacher for parties.
  • If you are changing the child's regular dismissal to something else for one day, we must be notified by 12 noon the day of the change.
  • All early dismissals must occur before 2:30pm and will not be allowed after that time..

These updates are intended to keep you informed and for us to create a great partnership for the new school year.  Please enjoy what is considered the final holiday of the summer, Labor Day.  Schools are closed on Monday September 4th and we will return on Tuesday at the regular start time, 9:15am. 

Thank you as we work as a village to raise our scholars together.


Judy N. AdamsEd.D.


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August 29, 2023

Accokeek Academy Families:

Please note the following dismissal procedures:

  • 5th Grade Car Riders will be picked up in the Upper Campus (off Livingston Road) at dismissal.
  • All 5th - 8th Grade Car Riders with younger siblings will meet in the Lower Campus to be picked up in the Lower Campus (off Berry Road)

Please also make sure that your children know their morning and afternoon bus route numbers.  Have your child put their bus numbers in writing and carry them with them.  If you have not received your bus route numbers yet, please check in  PGCPS InfoFinder.

Students received their Lunch PIN Numbers yesterday.  Students will need this number  to access their account.  If you would like to apply for free or reduced priced meals, please apply at  Lunch prices are  $2.75 for elementary students and $3.00 for middle school students.  You may also place money on your child's lunch account at My School Bucks.

We will continue to keep you informed.  We expect this to be our best school year yet!

Dr. Judy Adams


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August 17, 2023

Dear Accokeek Academy Parents, Guardians and Students:

I am humbled and honored to serve this community another school year.  We welcome new members to our community which include new members of our Administrative Team.  Our Kindergarten through 2nd grade Assistant Principal continues to be the dynamic Dr. Tenesia Crook, who earned her doctorate last year.  Our 3rd and 4th grade Assistant Principal is Ms. Beth Morphew who dedicates herself to our children’s success and is also returning.  We are saddened to announce the transfer of Dr. Trevine Jelks, as she becomes the Assistant Principal for Fort Washington Forest Elementary School; we know that she will thrive in that community.  I am so pleased and proud to announce that Ms. Kia Payne, former 7th grade Assistant Principal is now the Principal of Cora Rice Elementary School.  We wish her much success in her new role. We are pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Michelle Jefferson-Lambert to 5th and 6th Grade Assistant Principal.  She has a wealth of experience and is joining us from Laurel Elementary School.   We are excited to welcome back to Accokeek Academy, Mr. Leon McCants, as the 7th Grade Assistant Principal.  Mr. McCants previously served as our Math ILT and TAG Coordinator.  Mr. Donald King, our talented and caring Assistant Principal with multiple roles will  remain the  Assistant Principal for 8th grade.  We hope that each of you will embrace our Administrative Team as you have in the past.   

Our goals this year are wrapped in our vision of becoming a student-centered school with inclusive and innovative educational opportunities that focus on the whole child. We want our scholars to take ownership of their learning and advocate for social justice and equity.  We will focus on our Math instructional and achievement goals.  We will continue to keep our culture and climate at the forefront of everything we do.  And we will enhance our support for social and emotional learning.  We also have an overall goal of increasing our academic scores with continuous improvement and reducing the number of students who are chronically absent (missing more than 10% of all school days)  to reach our goal of a 5-Star Rating from the state of Maryland.  We also invite you to volunteer and assist your child’s teachers in every way possible.  We know it takes a village to raise our children.

We encourage each of you to visit our website twice each week: We will keep you informed of all activities and upcoming dates via our school website and the individual grade level sites.  We are a school wide Class DoJo school. We use Class DoJo for communicating  school stories, class updates, teacher messages and other important information.  Please sign up to receive all messages on Class DoJo or accept the invitation soon to come from your child’s teachers..  Additionally, we ask that you complete the link found on the site entitled, Family Information Form.  This information is crucial for the safety of all students while in our care. Finally, to keep track of your child’s grades, please become a part of the Family Portal for School Max access.  This will also allow you to receive emails directly from me with regular updates.  It is also important to note that we are transitioning to the use of Canvas and eliminating Google Classroom.  Please refer here for the Parent Guide to Canvas.

As you know, we are a one-to-one Chromebook School and County.  Chromebooks are available for every student.  It is the student’s and parent’s financial responsibility and stewardship to keep the chromebook clean, handled properly and safely.  Attached is the agreement for each Chromebook.  When the need for repairs arises and it is deemed neglect, there will be a $30 charge paid via MySchoolBucks under the PGCPS Technology Fee the first time.  Thereafter, there will be a charge of  $200 to cover the costs of repair or replacement.  There must be a habit each evening to charge the device fully and wipe the device regularly to remove dust and dirt.  Students coming from other Prince George’s County Schools should bring their chromebook with them to Accokeek Academy.  New students from other school districts or private schools will receive their device during the first two weeks of school.  While we provide the electronic device for your scholar, we also have a List of School Supplies by grade level that you are asked to provide.  Additionally, PGCPS recommends clear backpacks for students.  However, it is not mandatory at this time.  This is a change from the original announcement.,

Having a safe and orderly environment is our number one goal.  Each child has a civil right to the best education possible.  We achieve this by having all scholars meet behavioral expectations of mutual respect of person and property.  Prince George’s County has updated the Students Rights and Responsibilities Handbook and has created a  Code of Conduct for Families, Volunteers and Visitors.  Please review each to ensure that we have a great and productive learning environment for all and at all times.  It is important to note the Cell Phone Policy.  Keep in mind that students are to have their cell phones off during the school day.  If they need to call home, they are to come to the main office and use the designated school phone.

Our school hours for all students are from 9:15 am until 3:55 pm.  Students are not supervised on site until 8:45am.  Please do not drop your student off before 8:45am any morning unless attending activities requiring your written permission. Early dismissals are discouraged but we understand that it may be necessary on an infrequent basis.  Those having daily early dismissals are subject to failing their last class of the day.  No early dismissals will occur after 2:30pm to allow for staff to prepare for dismissal of all of our students.  

As you plan ahead, our Uniform Policy is found on our school website. There will be strict adherence to the uniform policy this school year, as we return to the use of lockers in our middle school.  The  2023-2024 Accokeek Academy Hoodies are  also on sale for $35 each.  School Breakfasts & Lunches will have the following prices:  Breakfast for all students is $1.60; Lunch for elementary students (Grades K - 5) is $2.75; Lunch for middle school students (Grades 6 - 8) is $3.00.  We encourage all parents to apply for Free and Reduced Lunches.  Applications can be completed online at   

You are asked to join our PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association) and suggest your ideas.  We thank our past President, Ms. Jeanene Henderson, for her years of faithful service to our community.  We are delighted to announce our new PTSA President, Ms. Sade Davis.   Please become a member at Memberships on the PTSA website. Parents, students, staff and community members are encouraged to join.

All students have required immunizations to ensure they are fully registered.  Mandatory immunizations at each grade level can be found at Maryland State Immunization Requirements.  Additionally, the current Immunization Certificate for your child must be on file.  

In light of the continued shortage of bus drivers regionally and nationally, we ask for your patience during the first weeks of school. Please update phone numbers, emails and emergency contact info in SchoolMax. To view your bus stop, use our Infofinder tool. Transportation questions can be submitted online

Important Dates:

August 21st - September 8th  Back to School Immunization Clinics Register online at

Friday August 25th - Orientation for Kindergarten and All Students New to Accokeek Academy - A.M. ONLY

Friday August 25th - 9:00am - 12:30pm New Student Orientation In-Person for all incoming 6th graders, our new 7th graders and all new middle school students to Accokeek.  Bus transportation will be provided.  This is a 3-Hour Early Dismissal Schedule for the day.  Breakfast and lunch will be provided at no charge.

Kindergarten Orientation - all parents/guardians should accompany their students to the Lower Campus Multipurpose Room at 9:00am.

New to Accokeek Academy Elementary Students (Grades 1 - 5) New Student Orientation In-Person.  All students must be accompanied by their parents or guardians and report to the Lower Campus Multipurpose Room at 10:30am.  

Monday August 28th is the First Day of School for ALL STUDENTS!

Students are encouraged to be on time everyday.  On-time attendance and staying for the completion of the school day is critical to student academic success.   All students will receive their schedules via email prior to the first day of school. While we all wish to celebrate the first day, please keep in mind the amount of traffic we experience at Accokeek Academy.   I encourage you to think about ways you can celebrate the first day with your child. Bringing them to school on the first day can be overwhelming with the amount of traffic. 

Our Back to School Nights are scheduled for  6:30pm - 8:00pm on the following nights:  

Tuesday September 12th - Kindergarten - 3rd Grades

Wednesday September 13th - Grades 4 - 6

Thursday September 14th - Grades 7 & 8

All parents and students are encouraged to attend and meet their teachers to learn the expectations of their schedules and course work.  Please keep in mind that parent involvement in your child’s education is a significant factor in their success.  We encourage you to have your child practicing their Math facts and reading at least 20 minutes each day to be ready to learn upon their return to school.

Wishing our Accokeek Academy community the best school year ever, as we emphasize our values of respect, effort, efficacy and excellence while ensuring that we motivate our scholars in every way possible and recognize that SUCCESS is Contagious... PASS IT ON!…THE ACCOKEEK WAY!

Educationally yours,

Dr. Judy N. Adams