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Uniform Policy




  • Short or long sleeved polo shirt in the color listed below. Shirts must fit appropriately. No bare midriff.

  • Grades K-2: Solid Light Blue

  • Grades 3-5: Solid Burgundy

  • Grade 6: Solid Gold

  • Grade 7: Solid Gray

  • Grade 8: Solid Royal Blue


  • Navy blue uniform pants, uniform shorts, or uniform skirts.

  • Shorts and skirts must be no shorter than fingertip level.

  • Garments must fit securely at the waist.

  • Plain black or brown belt.

  • Click here for examples of uniform and non-uniform bottoms. 


  • Flat soled, fully enclosed shoes. Shoes must be worn at all times.

  • No flip flops, slides, slippers, Crocs, etc.

  • Socks must be worn. 


  • Solid sweater, sweatshirt, or hoodie in the color of the uniform shirt.

  • All sweaters/sweatshirts/hoodies must be worn over the uniform shirt.

  • Hoods may not be worn on the head.


  • Head wraps, scarves, bandanas, and hats are not allowed.

  • A watch may be worn. Alarms, alerts, and other sounds must be silenced during school hours.

  • No fad dressing/jewelry.

  • Exceptions to the uniform policy for religious practices will be considered.

  • Jackets and coats may not be worn inside the building. 
  • All coats, jackets, and other non-uniform items must be placed in a cubby (grades K-5) or locker (grades 6-8) during the school day. 


  • A parent/guardian will be contacted to bring the appropriate item(s) to school if the student is in violation of the uniform policy.

  • Continued violations of the uniform policy will result in disciplinary actions.


Head Dress
  • Head dress can be worn indoors for religious or health reasons only.
Shirts and Blouses
  • Shirts and blouses should be continuous from neckline to waist. The mid-section should never be visible.
  • Tank tops and muscle shirts are not allowed.
  • Clothing with vulgar language, obscene pictures, weapons, drugs/alcohol or drug paraphernalia, and tobacco products are not allowed.
  • Identifiable gang/crew clothing or paraphernalia are not allowed. Sheer clothing is not allowed.
  • Pajamas are not allowed.
Skirts, Dresses, and Shorts
  • Skirts, dresses, and shorts are no shorter than students’ fingertips when arms are hanging straight down at their sides.
  • Pants must be secured at the waist and may not be worn below the waist exposing undergarments.
  • Tights, stretch pants, leggings and spandex bodysuits must be worn with clothing long enough to cover the buttocks.
  • Holes in pants are only permitted below the fingertip level.
  • Shoes must be worn. Shoes must be flat-soled and fully-enclosed. No flip flops, slides, slippers, etc.
Consequences for Non-Compliance
  • Dress code violations will be addressed in accordance with the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.