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9th Grade Welcome sy23-24

Rising 9th Graders virtual welcome session Zoom

On  August 1st, Bowie High School held a virtual welcoming event for our new 9th grade families and students (Class of 2027!).

If you missed it you can access the recording here.

We addressed the following topics:

  • How to be a successful high school student
  • School supplies
  • Academic and graduation requirements
  • Introduced staff members and resources who will support our 9th graders
  • A preview of the 9th grade orientation day scheduled for August 25th

Dear 9th Grade Parents and Students:

We are excited to welcome all our newest Bulldogs for 9th grade orientation day tomorrow morning! Please note these final reminders for tomorrow’s orientation day:

  • Orientation Time: Friday, August 25, 7:45am - 11:25am

  • Bus Transportation/ Bus Stop Information

  • Parent drop off/ pick up information for Bowie HS

    • The 9th grade orientation is located at the 9th grade campus

    • Please do not drive cars in the main entrance way -- they are reserved for buses only between 7am - 8:15am each school day

    • Please do not drop students off prior to 7:30am

  • Student Internet Access/Password Reset/ Chromebook device issues

    • All PGCPS students are currently locked out of their PGCPS accounts due to the network breach reported two weeks ago. We will have a procedure in place for students to change those passwords in person on the first day of school

    • Students who need a chromebook device or have issues with their current device:

      • We will have procedures in place for students to obtain or replace devices in the first week of school; please be patient and know that it will take a few school days before all students who need a device are able to receive one.


The Bowie HS Administrative Team